Congress It’s a Strategy   Partnerships that cross geography & mission Collective ways to promote and share a region Octagon House. Hudson .S. It’s a Place   National designation Recognized for national significance by the U.National Heritage Areas National Heritage Areas celebrate places with important connections to our country’s culture and history.

Leverage the Past… … to Build the Future And achieve broader goals like: • tourism & economic development • recreation • education & interpretation • historic & cultural preservation • environmental conservation American Birkebeiner Cable/Hayward. WI .

National Heritage Areas Existing Heritage Areas: .

National Heritage Areas John H. Chafee Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor MotorCities National Heritage Area Michigan Blue Ridge National Heritage Area North Carolina .

National Heritage Areas Use their culture and history in uniquely different ways Downtown redevelopment Repurpose historic buildings Restore natural areas .

fishing.National Heritage Areas Interpretation & education Recreation . birding.heritage trails. camping .

National Heritage Areas Regional partner with tourism. local chambers Promote traditional art .

Massachusetts Photo courtesy Alliance of National Heritage Areas . national recognition Regional identity Stronger partnership possibilities across all sectors Potential access to financial resources Essex National Heritage Area.National Heritage Areas As reported nationally. as perceived locally Benefits: • • • • • Economic development and heritage tourism Regional branding.

National Heritage Areas Locally planned & community managed Can be governed by:  Nonprofit organizations  Universities  Government entities Recognized by Congress Technical assistance from the National Park Service No government land ownership or regulation .

Feasibility Study A Community-Engaged Conversation. historic and natural places to tell these stories? Do we have strategies. Self-Assessment Do we have stories of national significance? Do we have the cultural. vision to promote our future? Support? A benefit for communities? Three Sets of Community Meetings End product is a document that is required for any future Congressional designation .

places. 10. 246 participants. and traditions • 10 meetings.Feasibility Study Heritage Discovery Workshops shared stories. 11 counties. April 2012 • • • .412 years experience 414 stories! Building an inventory of specific places – 300 & counting Used stories and places to create four themes the region shares Burnett County Heritage Discovery Workshop.

189 participants. education. community cohesion • 4 meetings. 3 legislative guests Hinckley. 2012 .Feasibility Study Regional Gatherings – Four Themes – Our Regional Story: • • • • Our Natural Environment Our People Our Relationship with the Land Up North • Strategies – environment. 36 volunteers. November 15. economic.

Feasibility Study Heritage Discovery Workshops 10 meetings 11 counties Regional Gatherings Heritage Summit 1 location Public Review of Written Document 4 meetings Summer-Fall 2013 • Themes we share • Community input: • Identify broad strategies • October-November 2012 • • Putting it all together . 2013 • • Community input: Stories and places that make region distinctive Feb – May 2012 .what might an NHA might look like here? Alternatives to Congressional designation? VOTE May 16.

Questions? .stcroixheritage.

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