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Elder have limited regenerative abilities and more attacking by disease. our body reach full of it’s growth. After that. The increased of age make any part of our body is decline and breakage. the size and shape will change. our body get growth and burgeon. In 20-21 years old. it will not grow again and then tall of our body is definitely stop. .Old age is a period around the time of human life. In the Western world a person is considered old when they reach the age of 60-65 years.

IT HAPPEN CAUSED “AGE” AND “HOW THEY KEEP”.THERE ARE SOME DISEASES RELATED BY AN OLD AGE FACTOR. weak hunchbacked obesity wrinkled Senile cataract Several diseases by an old age factors osteoporosis .

Senile Cataract Senile Cataract. it will first occur in the lens opacity. In addition. it happen in the elderly. and swelling of the lens and final shrinkage with loss of transparency entirely. it can cause severe inflammation if the lens capsule rupture and leak. . over time the outer layer will melt and form a cataract milky white liquid.SEVERAL DISEASES BY AN OLD AGE FACTOR 1..


usually their weigth is also increased.SEVERAL DISEASES BY AN OLD AGE FACTOR 2. heart should pump harder. So that increased the push of blood. Obesity when the age increased. . The consequence from this constriction. It cause suspense additon at heart and cause heart attack. High colesterol proceed constriction moreover stoppage blood vessel . Lack of sport and bad life style with a little movement maybe cause obesity.

Sometimes tooth broken. But with increased of age. hair fall of or grey. . body get huncbacked. Weak Nobody knows why our body get old.SEVERAL DISEASES BY AN OLD AGE FACTOR 3. skin wrinkled and become so weak. eyes and ear become weak and our muscle to.

SEVERAL DISEASES BY AN OLD AGE FACTOR 4. So that joints turn into stiff and it can cause hunchbacked . Hunchbacked Cartilage between bones or joint liquid become harder caused by weariness that almost always used.

. confusion and tuck.SEVERAL DISEASES BY AN OLD AGE FACTOR 5. Wrinkled wrinkled skin started together with the increased of age marked by pleat skin. Skin lose an elastisity and less flexible.

Worldwide. osteoporosis affects about 1 in every 3 women and 1 in every 8 men.SEVERAL DISEASES BY AN OLD AGE FACTOR 6. and is considered as a common reason for bone fracture in the elderly. It is commonly noted in individuals between the age group 50 and 70 years. Osteoporosis Osteoporosis (loss bone) is a disorder of the bone that is characterized by decreased density of the bones and their progressive microscopic destruction making them vulnerable towards the physical stress. White and Asian women are at an increased risk when compared to others. .


. But we should make the body’s labour easier with keep and take care it’s self to get arranged life style. it can replace an old cells or out of order with new cells. It can restrain and lose everything of disease with antybody that it has and body strong defence. It can repair cell breakage continually.KEEP AND TAKE CARE OUR BODY our body can keep and take care it’s self.

KEEP AND TAKE CARE OUR BODY We can reach that with repair our bad behavior and change life system to be better. . there are some ways to keep our body health from younger to older.

MAKE IT BALANCE sleep sport Balance food .

body do repair and change cells. so he/she is stiil be sleepy in all daylight. During this time.KEEP HEALTHY FROM NOW Sleep actually so many people don’t try to sleep enough that they need. it make our body’s muscles and brain relax. headache. Mature need about 7-8 hours a day to sleep and children need about 8-9 hours a day to sleep. If somebody doesn’t get enough time to sleep. . and become lazy and unactive.

practiced/sport help to build body’s muscles and increase heart labour. .KEEP HEALTHY FROM NOW Sport body which is not practiced with arrange sport become easy to tired and have no stamina.

. food that we have eat everyday used to grow and burgeon. We should eat balance food and nutritious food. to get energy to do activity to replace broken cells. We should eat balance food.KEEP HEALTHY FROM NOW Balance Food body needs energy to still active and energy come from food.

PYRAMID OF FOOD. mineral. THREE FUNCTION FOOD Builder substance: protein Controller substance: Vitamin. meal substance +lipid so that our body get all nutrient substance precisely. . water Energy substance: Carbohydrate.