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: 20th March 2013 : Wednesday : 7.15 a.m. – 8.15 a.m. (60 minutes) : Year 3 Excellent : 25 students : Intermediate : World of Self : Family : Listening : Speaking, Reading and Writing

By the end of the 6-year primary schooling.Content Standards  4. .  4.  4.1 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling. poems and songs.3. organize and produce creative works for enjoyment. pupils will be able to plan. pupils will be able to enjoy and appreciate rhymes.2 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling pupils will be able to express personal response to literary texts.

rhythm and intonation.2 Able to sing action songs.3.Learning Standards  4.1 Able to respond to:  (a) Characters In stories with guidance  4. recite jazz chants and poems with correct pronunciation.1. jazz chants and poems through non-verbal response.1.  4.  4.2.1 Able to produce simple creative works with guidance based on:  (a) Poems .1 Able to enjoy action songs.

.Objectives  By the end of lesson pupils will be able to:  listen to poem ‘Brother’ and match words of family members from the poem with pictures provided.  pronounce word of family members from the poem with the correct stress and intonation  create sentences about their role model with guidance of the teacher.

Set Induction  Teacher shows and introduces the poem to students and recites the poem. (Ask some related questions) . (Booklets)  Teacher shows a cartoon family characters to students.

.Strengths.  Imposed activity restriction. that will allocate nicely with the time.  Recommendations :  Come out.  They can relate with the characters from the cartoon. with a much simple task.  Weaknesses :  Exceed the time limit for the activity. Weaknesses & Recommendations  Strengths :  People were able to recite the poem guided by the teacher.

.Presentation  Teacher shows a set of family tree in the classroom and asks students about their family members.  Students then describe about their family members.

My Family Tree .

Students then describe their family members to the class.Teacher show an example of a family tree Teacher ask the students about their family members. .

 Students able to convey in the English language according to their comfort level.Strengths.  Recommendations :  Teacher could have used paper puppets or any kind of large size figurines to help them recognize their family members. Making them more confident when speaking.  Students cant identify their family members rank in the family.  Weaknesses :  Students misinterpret the teacher questions. . Weaknesses & Recommendations  Strengths :  Pupils are participating actively during the presentation stage.

.  Students draw a picture in the space provided from the sentence they had come up with.  Students are asked to fill in the blank part with their own word.Practice  Teacher shows a set of sentences in the booklet.


Teacher introduce the activity. Student Fill in the blanks. . Student draw in the space provided.

 Weaknesses :  It takes to much time to be done and completed it.  The students were stalling the time and forget about the lesson. which is important to the ELT classroom. .  Recommendations :  Teacher could have done one model copy and pasted on the board for class purposes. Weaknesses & Recommendations  Strengths :  Pupils were engrossed in their activities and they enjoyed it.Strengths.  Inclusion of the new words to learn .

 Students are given task to write a simple story based on the topic. they will share their story in the classroom. . ( Topic = My Role Model)  Then.Production  Teacher divided students into groups.


Strengths.  They can use the new found vocabulary into a correct sentence. does not suitable with the students level.  Recommendations :  Teacher could have asked the pupils to make their own family tree and present it in front of the class. .  This activity is quite ambitious.  Weaknesses :  It takes to much time to be done and completed it. Weaknesses & Recommendations  Strengths :  Develop the students creative thinking and writing skills.

 Students sing along with teacher.Closure  Teacher will play a music video of “The Family Song” to students. .

The Family Song .

Weaknesses & Recommendations  Strengths :  Students recall their lesson.  Weaknesses :  Students too engrossed with the songs and ignoring the sole objective and purpose of the lesson. .Strengths.  Recommendations :  Teacher could have asked the pupils to make their own gestures from the lyrics of the song.  Helps them understand better .