culture. Then. This novel can be used to improve the morality of the society. attitude. and the way of life. society. and so on. It contains of a long narrative that gives pleasure for the reader. love. Pride and Prejudice also has remained a popular and well loved novels for more than 200 years. The writer chooses this novel because the novel is very interesting. it makes the reader want to finish reading the novel until the end of story. Pride and Prejudice to be analyzed by focusing the discussion on the moral values. It also can enrich the English knowledge.   Novel is one of literary works beside poetry and drama. The reader will feel curious after read some chapters. The writer of this paper chooses a novel written by Jane Austen. . The reader could learn about life.

As stated in Oxford(2008:258) Novel Abrams (1980:24) writes that the story. especially of a novel.specifically.Literature Literature is writing valued as works of art. it is the presentation of individual character moving through their experience to some ending that we may accept as meaningful. Literature is pieces of writing on a particular subject. especially novel. plays. . and poems. but an emotion. is not merely an image of life.

wikipedia. As stated in character. decisions. Morality is principles of good or right behaviour. proper behavior") is the differentiation of intentions. As stated in Oxford(2008:285) .Moral value Morality (from the Latin moralitas "manner. and actions between those that are good (or right) and those that are bad (or wrong).

Mr. In the balls. Elizabeth is the second of five daughters of a country gentleman living near the fictional town of Meryton in Hertfordshire. Bingley’s family and Mr. near London. Bennet introduced his family to Mr. Mr. Mr. It was a pride of Mrs. Darcy felt in love with Elizabeth but he could not show his feeling strongly. Darcy was a young and rich man. . Darcy.  The story follows the main character Elizabeth Bennet. Bennet’s family if one of her daughter would have married with a rich man.

They live happily. Mrs. but Elizabeth could not accept him because he had broken love between Mr. after some months. .Darcy was a good person.Elizabeth knew that Mr.Darcy. Bingley and Jane. Bingley and Jane were engaged. She regretted her behaviour to Mr. Elizabeth accepted Mr.Bennet’s family were really happy. Mr. Elizabeth had a bad judgement to Mr. Then. Mr. Darcy’s love. Then. Se was dissappointed with him. Darcy told Elizabeth that he felt in love with her. One day. Darcy.

Had gone off to get married 3. Wisdom 2.Positive Moral Values 1. Help each other 3. love Negative Moral Values 1. Egoistic 2. Ungracious manner .

After analyzing. help each other. and think hard before making a decision.  The theme of this novel is really good.  .For the writer. do not give up in the way that we have choosen. the emphasis of this novel is on the moral values that revealed in it. the writer finds some positive moral values that can be applied in our society such as wisdom. There are some moral messages that can be taken such as we should not have prejudice with the other people before knowing deeply. Sometimes the last person on earth you want to be with is the one person you can not be without. and love.