NC MACHINE Numerical control (NC) is the automation of machine tools that are operated by abstractly programmed commands encoded on a storage

medium, as opposed to controlled manually via handwheels or levers

ADVANTAGES OF NC (i) The part program tape and tape reader are used only once to enter the program into computer memory. (iv) Local storage of more than one part program. (ii) This result in improved reliability. . (iii) Tape reader is commonly considered the least reliable component of a conventional NC system.

Controller unit. 3. .Basic components of NC system An operational numerical control system consists of the following three basic components: 1. Machine tool or other controlled process. Program of instructions. 2. also called machine tool unit.

It is coded in numerical or symbolic form on some type of input medium that can be interpreted by the controller unit Controller Unit The second basic component of NC system is the controller unit. This consists of electronics and hardware that read and interpret the program of instructionsand convert it to mechanical actions of the machine tool.Program of Instructions. The program of instructions is the detailed step by step set of instructions which tell the machine what to do. .

Machine Tool The third basic component of an NC system is the machine tool or other controlled process. . It is part of the NC system which performs useful work.

Fast. consistent thru-put of finished goods. Once set up. Once started.CNC MACHINE Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is one in which the functions and motions of a machine tool are controlled by means of a prepared program containing coded alphanumeric data. ADVANTAGES OF CNC Low cost of production. High part to part accuracy and consistency. fast setup and rapid shipment from order date is possible. . it really doesn't pay to stop. With part fixturing. the machines will repeat very accurately and require minimal machinist level intervention.

CNC die sinking 3.COMPONENTS OF CNC (i)Computer for storing part of program. (ii)Machine Control Unit (iii)Machine tool with motor for physically executing program TYPE OF CNC 1.CNC miling 4.CNC wire cut .CNC lathe 2.

Tailstock .Chuck 3.Lathe bed 4.Mcu 6.Motor/spindle 5.-machine that controled by computer.Turret 7.Guard/cover 2. -program wih machine code PART OF CNC LATHE 1.

Cutting fluid/coolant 3.Workpiece & work holding method 4.Machine tools ability 2.Depth of cut .Cutting speed 5. -control built up METAL CUTTING FACTOR 1.Feed rate 6.COOLING LUBRICANT UNIT -cool and lubricate the tool and work.