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Determination of the Molar Volume of H2 Gas

Experiment 4

Equipment setup

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Equipment Setup
Today you will set up your equipment and run

your experiment prior to the pre-lab lecture. After you are finished, return to your seats. Heres how to proceed:

Weigh out a Mg strip

Roll into a ball

Insert into alligator clip

Equipment Continued
Carefully add 10 mL

of 6M HCl to the eudiometer tube. Fill the tube carefully with distilled water. Place the stopper in the tube and eliminate all air bubbles.

Equipment Continued
With your finger over

the hole in the stopper, invert the tube and place in 100 mL dH2O. Clamp the tube to a buret clamp. The stopper should be 4mm from the bottom. Record the time.

Equipment Continued

Record the volume

of H2 gas from your eudiometer tube after 1 hour. Go ahead

The molar volume of all gases at STP is 22.414

L/mol. In this experiment, we will be collecting H2 gas by displacement of water to determine the molar volume of H2 gas experimentally, i.e. confirm that it is 22.433 L/mol. Note the slight deviation from ideal behavior.


Physical properties of gases can be related through mathematical equations, known as laws:

For Single Gases Boyles Law:


; at constant T and n

Charles Law: V = bT; at constant P & n Avogadros Law: V = an; at constant T and P Ideal Gas Law: PV = nRT

For Mixed Gases Daltons Law:

PT = P 1 + P 2 + P 3

The net ionic equation for this redox reaction is: 2H+(aq) + Mg(s) Mg2+(aq) + H2(g)



Accepted Molar Volume is 22.433 L/mol

Atmospheric Pressure can be obtained from the

barometer Vapor Pressure of Water in mmHg is obtained from Table 4.1 Water Bath Temperature in degrees Celsius is obtained using the digital thermometer The pressure difference in mm H2O is measured with a meter stick. Mass of Magnesium is obtained from the balance

Data Continued
Partial Pressure of H2 gas in mmHg from Daltons

law. Volume of H2 gas is obtained from your Eudiometer tube. Volume of H2 gas at STP is obtained from:

= Example: =

Data Continued
Theoretical moles of H2 are obtained from:

moles H2 =

Molar Volume of H2 gas is obtained from:

molar VolH2 =