Disaster Recovery and Mitigation Information System www.dreamis.info Mar 2009

Overview of Dreamis Year 1 Achievements Past & Potential uses of Dreamis

Overview of Dreamis Year 1 Achievements Past & Potential uses of Dreamis

Dreamis is an information system that supports post-crisis recovery and disaster risk reduction financial management
Dreamis uses.. • Data from past reconstruction programmes • Data from past DRR activities • Effectiveness • Data from on-going reconstruction programmes …In the use of funds… ..in order to increase… • Transparency • Accountability and …by supporting.. • improved planning • improved policymaking • and improved management of funds ..for better financial management of • Post-crisis reconstruction and • Disaster Risk Reduction planning

Dreamis is a repository of information related to financial management of post-crisis reconstruction and disaster risk reduction Users
• Gov Agencies • Dev Agencies Input Info from complementary information systems Methodologies Data & info of past disasters • Academic institutions Objective DREAMIS Global hub for sharing knowledge on pre- disaster and post-crisis financial information •Improved financial planning and policy • Increased transparency and accountability

Managed by Dreamis Team, WB Jakarta Supported by GFDRR

Dreamis is made up of three components
What is this? How does it help? •Allows analysis and comparison of situation against past scenarios •Facilitates resource mobilization •Supports policy development •Info from past disasters

Data Tools

•Data sets relating to predisaster and disaster recovery financing •Presented in a public database, parameters can be set by user •Lessons Learned and Methodologies •Related to recon and risk reduction financial management •Support in tracking pre-disaster and post-disaster expenditures


Research Packages

•Provides information for conducting Damage & Loss and Needs Assessments •Increases transparency and accountability in the use of funds •Improves aid coordination


Expenditure Tracking Support

Overview of Dreamis Year 1 Achievements Past & Potential uses of Dreamis

The team and the database are established and operational
• Core team hired


• Mitigation expert hired & initial research conducted

• Presentation at IDRC, Davos Aug 08 Using Data to Improve Reconstruction

Coms & Partnership

• Publication: Aceh Reconstruction Tracking Aug 08 • Advisory group convened and operational • Working relationship established with key partners • D&L data gathered and inputted


• Needs & Expenditure data collated • Database prototype running

Dreamis has been connected to related activities in the sector through its Advisory Group

Agency CRED / Em-Dat ProVention Consortium UNISDR ECLAC FTS / UNOCHA Munich Re Government

Expert Deberati Guha Sapir Margaret Arnold Craig Duncan Roberto Jovel Esther Kuisch Angelika Wirtz Suprayoga Hadi

Location Brussels Geneva Geneva LAC / DC Geneva Munich Indonesia

The website is operational and the number of hits is increasing

Homepage •Database access •Research Package access •News feed •Links to partner sites

The database prototype is operational

Database user interface Analysis by; •Country •Disaster type •Sector Generates Excel files and graphs

Overview of Dreamis Year 1 Achievements Past & Potential uses of Dreamis

In post-tsunami Aceh the aid tracking exercise increased the transparency, accountability and effectiveness of the use of funds
Analysis of expenditures was done by; • Donors and government were able to track expenditures by donors, NGOs and government

Source of funds

Sectoral allocations

• Donors and government were able to see in who was disbursing in each sector

Needs & Gaps

• Under funded sectors where tracked throughout the reconstruction programme

The reconstruction programme in Palestine is an example of a potential use for Dreamis Expenditure Tracking Support
occupied Palestinian territory 2009 Table B: Total Humanitarian Assistance per Donor (Appeal plus other*)(carry over not included) as of 15-March-2009 http://www.reliefweb.int/fts (Table ref: R24)
Compiled by OCHA on the basis of information provided by donors and appealing organizations. Donor

Overview of current pledges
Uncommitted pledges USD 800,000 0 0 0 0 15,282,437 16,473,200 0 0 0 0 0 494,998 0 0 0 0 75,984,632 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2,524,934 111,560,201

United States Private (individuals & organisations)

Funding USD

% of Grand Total

United States Private (individuals & organisations) Kuwait Carry-over (donors not specified) Qatar United Kingdom Saudi Arabia Spain Japan France Norway

Kuwait Carry-over (donors not specified) Qatar United Kingdom Netherlands Spain Japan Saudi Arabia Norway

44,700,000 36,723,656 34,000,000 33,764,726 29,600,000 24,756,688 16,882,088 11,865,233 11,022,762 9,445,084 8,590,750 8,034,331 7,405,842 7,155,064 7,106,142 6,883,354 5,470,784 4,892,419 4,789,067 4,055,287 3,674,541 3,281,379 2,660,000 2,452,480 2,393,735 9,680,234

13.1 % 10.8 % 10.0 % 9.9 % 8.7 % 7.3 % 4.9 % 3.5 % 3.2 % 2.8 % 2.5 % 2.4 % 2.2 % 2.1 % 2.1 % 2.0 % 1.6 % 1.4 % 1.4 % 1.2 % 1.1 % 1.0 % 0.8 % 0.7 % 0.7 % 2.8 %

Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) Switzerland Germany Finland Australia Denmark European Commission (ECHO) Italy Netherlands Austria Canada Russian Federation United Arab Emirates Sweden Others

Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) Switzerland Finland Australia France Germany Denmark

Tracked by; •Source type •Pledge, commitment, disbursement •Sector •Needs/gaps Can be tracked on a monthly, bimonthly or quarterly basis

European Commis sion (ECHO) Italy Austria Canada Russian Federation United Arab Emirates Sweden 0M

Grand Total:






100 %





Value USD

Top 15 donors represent almost 90% of currently pledged funds*

*Source: OCHA FTS March 15 2009