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Word Formation Process

There are seven processes of word formation. They are clipping, blending, compounding, affixation, back formation, folk etymology, and acronymy. 1. Clipping is a very common process in forming words. To clip means to cut off beginning or the end of the word. It may mean cutting from both ends, leaving the part to stand for the whole. When we cut the beginning of the word, the result is called a ______word. If we cut the beginning of the word telephone, the result will be _________. Phone is then called a ____________word.




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We may cut from the end of a word. This is shown in the word photograph. Cutting the end leaves the clipped word ____________. The word psycho is the clipped form of ____________, the branch of mathematics which deals with ratios between the right side and angle of the right triangle. Likewise, trigo is the clipped form of _____________, the branch of mathematics which deals with ratios between the right side and angle of a right triangle. Chemistry may be clipped as __________ The clipped from of laboratory is _____________. Advertisement is a long word. It may be written in a very short form of two letters, _______________.

10. Another long word is gasoline. Clip it to form _______. 11. A prefabricated building is popularly clipped as __________. 12. The word taxi is the clipped word of ___________, public vehicle which looks like car. 13. One who corrects or edits articles is called an editor. Oftentimes the name is shortened to ___________. 14. ID is the clipped form of __________. 15. ___________is the kind of contagious disease characterized by fever, colds, and muscle pain. It is commonly called flu.

Some words are formed by fusing or putting two words together. Usually the first part of the word is fused with the last part of another. The blended word then gets its meaning from two words put together. An example of the blended word is Eurasian, which comes from Europe and __________. One whose mother comes from Europe and whose father is an Asian may be called a _____________. Every employee is entitled to a medical care when he gets sick and hospitalized. This benefit is commonly known as __________.

Another popular blended word is cosmonaut. The first part comes from the word ______________which means world or universe. The last part comes from____________, the name given to the men who travel and explore outer space. On certain days, pilot and drivers complain about the difficulty of looking for certain places due to heavy smoke and fog, commonly known as __________. People listen to the weather report and the newscast is called a radio or the television. This news is called a radio___________. If the broadcast is by telephone or telegram, it is called a _________________.

In some places, people get news quickly, through the radio or the telegram. Sometimes they send news by means of the two which is called a _______________. For a worthy cause, people go on a long continuous walk which is called a _________________. Dialogues or conversations about travel are called _____________. When motorcycles, cars, and other vehicles have a parade, we call it a ____________. People who travel from place to place prefer to live in small hotels which they run like their own homes. These are called _______________.