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Various Retail Lending Schemes Housing Loan & all its variants
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Car & Two wheeler loan Educational Loan

Personal loan
Loan to pensioners Mortgage loan against immovable property up to Rs 1.00 crore Reverse Mortgage

Advances against Bank deposit and Govt. / liquid securities
Gold loan The following schemes stand excluded from Retail segment Advances against Future Lease Rentals Advances to Doctors Advances to Traders Mortgage loan against immovable property above Rs. 1.00 crore

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DEFINITION: Credit appraisal strictly based on a set of predetermined CONSIDERATIONS in a structured manner is termed as Rule Based Lending. These guidelines, to a large extent, seek to replace SUBJECTIVITY with OBJECTIVITY in credit decisions. Objective:

Good quality assets.  Diversify credit risk.  Ensure higher profitability having satisfied customer base.


 Task

of assessment and sanction of Retail loans becomes simple;  Reduces loan processing time thus ensuring that the time spent on appraisal is proportionate to amount of income generated;  Enables to take Quick and uniform decisions;  Results in improved Credit quality and;  Enhances Customer satisfaction through speedy decision-making process.

TECH.S Post Graduate & /B.D/M.D.B.Rating Sheet of Applicant Parameter Type of Applicant (Total Marks) 10 Salaried (10) EXAMPLE Professional (8) Above 25 & upto 40 years (5) Self employed (5) Above 40 & upto 50 years (4) Others (0) Age 5 Upto 25 years (2) Above 50 years (2) Educational Qualification 5 Ph. other professionals &above (4) (5) House/Flat owned by Self/Spouse (10) Graduate (3) Intermediate (2) House Ownership 10 House/Flat owned by parents of Self/Spouse (5) Others (0) .E.B.S/B./B.

2 & upto Rs. 2 lacs for how many years (Total Marks) 5 EXAMPLE above 2 years & Above 5 years 2 years & less upto 5 years (5) (1) (3) Continuously Continuously for for last 3 Last year last 2 years years (2) (6) (10) Govt.1 lac Above Rs.3 lacs & upto Rs.2 lacs & upto Rs.Rating Sheet of Applicant Parameter Period of stay at current residence If self employed Income above Rs./Public Public Limited Private Limited Sector (6) (4) (10) Above 10 Above 5 years & Above 3 years & years upto 10 years upto 5 years (5) (4) (3) Above Rs.5 lacs (4) 10 OR If Salaried type of Employer 10 Others (2) Others (0) Work experience 5 Networth of Applicants as per Statement of Assest & Liabilities 5 Above Rs.3 lacs lacs (3) (2) . 5 lacs (5) Above Rs.

5 times & upto 3 times (2) Above 2.5 times & upto 3 times (8) 25-50% (2) Others (0) Networth to Loan Amount Ratio 5 Monthly Income to monthly installment of Loan Ratio Ratio of collateral security provied to Loan amount Type of collateral security provided 20 Above 5 times (20) 150% (5) NSC/LIC Policy/FD (5) Above 4 times & upto 5 times (16) 100 to 150% (4) Shares (4) 5 5 .Rating Sheet of Applicant Parameter (Total Marks) Above 5 times (5) EXAMPLE Above 4 times & upto 5 times (4) Above 3 times & upto 4 times (3) Above 3 times & upto 4 times (12) 50 to 100% (3) Immovable property (3) Above 2.

Rating Sheet of Applicant Parameter (Total Marks) Salaried Govt. Payer (3) Employee (0) (2) .T. Payer but and Non-IT payer Govt./Public Sector (5) EXAMPLE Professional (4) Self employed (2) Salaried other Sectors (2) Guarantor Type 5 Guarantor Income 5 Greater than borrower (5) Less than Borrower & Less than Less than Non-IT borrower Borrower & I.

50 lac. .PNB SCORE    Rule based lending guidelines (scoring model) was used for housing. car & personal loan schemes under retail segment. credit scoring models for the retail loan schemes have been developed and placed in the scoring model software “ PNB SCORE” The credit scoring models for the retail loan scheme shall be applicable for limits up to Rs. To have a comprehensive and structured approach for evaluating all the loan under retail loan category.

The score sheet so prepared by the maker will be checked and finalized by the sanctioning authority/checking official (checker) in the RAB.Maker and Checker Concept   The appraising officer (maker) in the RAB will verify the information provided in the application and select & click the relevant risk attributes under each risk parameter of the respective scoring model and generate the score sheet in the scoring model software. .

g.How to Use PNB SCORE • All the parameters of applicable scoring models are evaluated and no parameter should be left. Each attribute is to be selected after careful evaluation/analysis/calculation on the basis of the guidelines in the scoring model software. the same has to be calculated manually by the appraising officer and a copy of such calculation sheet should be kept with score sheet • • • Any exercise under scoring model should not be handed over to the borrower or any other bank and it should be marked and kept as confidential document Scoring sheet signed by maker & checker to be kept with loan document • . ratio of net worth to loan amount etc). Wherever any calculation is required under any parameter of the scoring model(e. ratio of net monthly income to EMI.

up to 75 Green zone Above 75 Blue Zone .up to 50 Yellow Zone Above 50 .Colouring/Scoring Scheme in Credit Scoring Model Score Range Up to 40 Colour Scheme Red Zone Implication Cannot be considered for sanction Can be considered by next higher authority for sanction with proper justification Can be considered for sanction at RAB level May be considered for price discount to be decided by RBD/SME Division Above 40 .

Conveyance Loan Risk Parameter’s Age Income Tax status Attributes(example) Above 40 years to 50 years IT assessee with tax paid less than 2000 Present residence Ownership Occupation Work Experience/Number of years in business/profession Repayment period Occupation of spouse Ratio of Net Monthly Income (including income of spouse if co-borrower) to EMIs Owned by self/Spouse Businessman/Self Employed More than 3 years but up to 5 years More than 5 years but up to 7 years Not working/House wife/Unmarried More than 2 but up to 3 .

Conveyance Loan contd… Risk Parameter’s Attributes(example) Relationship of borrower with PNB in years Ratio of Net worth to loan amount Ratio of Guarantor‟s Networth to loan amount Either check-off facility OR income routed through Branches(Mode of deduction of EMI) Credit History Age of the vehicle proposed to be purchased Up to 1 year More than 200% More than 200% Only advance cheques of EMIs provided CIBIL Score between 800 & 900 or No CIBIL data available but availed New vehicle GREEN Total score: 55.92 .

Housing Loan Risk Parameters Age of applicant with major share of income /Age of main promoter of company(in case of loan against future lease rental) Status of current Residence (Present address for communication/ Status of current residence of promoter of company (in case of loan against future lease rentals) Distance of proposed property from the financing branch Occupation Attributes(Example) Above 30 years to 50 years Owned by Self/ Spouse Within City municipality limits in the same city/town Salaried – Private Work experience / Number of years in business/profession Between 3 years to 10 years Spouse „s source of income /source of income No source of Income of the spouse .

5 to 0.Housing Loan Contd… Risk Parameters Repayment period Ratio of Net worth(verifiable sources only) to loan amount Loan to value ratio Ratio of Guarantor‟s networth or networth of the promoter of the company in case of loan against future lease rentals to loan amount Relationship with PNB (Deposit Account) Either check-off facility OR income routed through branches Purpose of the loan Attributes(Example) Between 5 to 10 years Between 100% to 200% Between 0.74 Guarantee not required as per scheme Less than 2 years Only advance cheques of EMIs provided/a letter of undertaking Repair/Renovation of existing house .

Housing Loan Cond… Risk Parameters Ratio of present Surplus Income (All sources of income) to total EMI Credit History Collateral Security Provided Parents/Spouse as co borrowers Attributes(Example) Between 2 to 3 times CIBIL score between 800 & 900 or No CIBIL data available but availed No collateral provided No GREEN Total score: 55.10 .

management Recognized by Govt.e. medical.Education Loan Risk Parameters Type of course pursued Admission secured in colleges/institutions/Universities Attributes (example) Professional courses i./UGC/AICTE/AIBMS/ICMR etc Previous work experience of the student Occupation of Co obligator/parents in case of admission to IITs/IIMs House ownership of borrower /coborrower Percentage of marks obtained in last/qualifying exam No Salaried – Private Owned by self/spouse/parents and no lien 50% but upto 60% . engineering.

Education Loan Contd… Risk Parameters Relationship of borrower/coobligator/parents (in case of admission in IITs/IIMs) with PNB Work experience /Number of years in business / profession of the co – obligator/parents (n case of admission in IITs/IIMs) other than the student Margin provided Repayment Period Ratio of Networth(of the borrower/co obligator) to all loan amount raised by family members for education Attributes (example) More than 10 years Less than 7 years Only prescribed margin Between 3 to 5 years More than 200% .

70 .Education Loan Contd… Risk Parameters Guarantor‟s networth to loan amount Credit History Attributes (example) No guarnator No CIBIL data available and availed no loan /loans from any financial institute No collateral Ratio of value of collateral to total amount of all education loans raised by members of the family Place of residence Whether studying abroad Same city/Centre No GREEN Total score: 69.

CH & above may relax income criteria considering value of account of prospective borrower.Financing Purchase of Car by Public Purpose : To purchase a) New car/van/Multi Utility Vehicle b) Old car/van/jeep/MUV/SUV Eligibility : For private use i) Individuals ii) Business concerns Income Criteria : i) Minimum net monthly salary / pension / income – Rs. .(Income of Parents/ spouse can be considered for eligibility provided stand as additional guarantor). 20000/.

CH & above may relax the criteria and sanction need based amount Business Concern : No ceiling on loan amount (for one or more vehicle). Tie up arrangement with dealerMargin10% on-road Price.Loan Amount    Individual/Proprietorship : 25 times of Net monthly income with a ceiling of Rs. Sanctioning authority may treat as normal term loan Margin : New vehicle – 15% of on-road price inclusive of one time road tax & insurance. Old Vehicle – 30% of the value of the vehicle (Old vehicle current invoice price less depreciation @ 15% on SLM .25 lac (for one or more vehicle). CH & above may reduce to 10%.

deductions can be permitted up to 60% Pre-payment charges: 2% on the outstanding amount except i)where repaid out of own sources of borrower ii) where borrower shifts to other bank within 30 days from date of issuance of circular for upward revision of rate of interest or change in other term of sanction   . Old vehicle: maximum 60 EMI Ch & above may relax repayment period by 12 months for New vehicle and within 70 years of age from 65 years of normal age Note: Installment should not exceed 50% monthly income Where gross salary is above Rs.50000.Repayment Period  New Vehicle: Principal and Interest in 84 EMI from succeeding month.

Third party guarantee/ collateral security is waived i)Permanent employees of central/state govt.Contd…  Insurance: To obtain comprehensive insurance policy with agreed bank clause and policy to remain deposited with bank Security: Vehicle purchased to be hypothecated to the bank.   .6 lac. Name of the branch must be mentioned on the Joint Registration Certificate and a BM verified copy of the same to be kept on record./PSU/MNC/Listed companies ii) For other than salaried class where ex-showroom cost of car is Rs.

EDUCATION LOAN  Courses eligible: Studies in India   Graduation courses BA. the Institute should be recognized by the competent local (abroad) Aviation/Shipping authority.. In case the course is pursued abroad. Medical. Shipping etc. approved by Director General of Civil Aviation/Shipping. if the course is pursued in India. Agriculture. CA. XLRI. . Computer certificate courses of reputed institutes accredited to Dept.Com. Professional courses : Engineering. B. Regular Degree/Diploma courses like Aeronautical. Teacher Training Course/Nursing Course/B. Computer etc.Ed. Pilot training..CFA etc Courses conducted by IIM. provided the training institutions are approved either by the Central Government or by State Government and such courses should lead to Degree or Diploma course and not to Certificate course Post Graduation courses : Masters & PhD. IISc. Veterinary. will be eligible for education loan. NIFT etc. Law. Dental. etc. B. of Electronics or institutes affiliated to university       Courses like ICWA. IIT..Sc. Management.

Contd…  Courses offered in India by reputed foreign universities (reputation to be decided by Circle Head). e) affiliation of the institute. Advance Diploma in Banking Technology offered by PNBIIT. b) campus/availability of required infrastructure. etc. Other courses leading to diploma/ degree etc. conducted by colleges/universities approved by UGC/ Govt. Evening courses of approved institutes.(To be permitted by Circle Heads & above)  . Diploma Leading to Degree Courses local as well as abroad and courses offered by recognized universities of repute through distance learning etc./ AICTE/ AIBMS/ ICMR etc. f) size of enrolment.     Courses offered by National Institutes and other reputed private institutions(reputation of the institutes to be decided by the Circle Head on the basis of a) placement record.) Diploma courses. c) faculty. Lucknow. d) age of the institute.

CPA in USA etc.00 lac for abroad Expenses considered for loan:       Fee payable to college/ school/ hostel Examination/ Library/ Laboratory fee.00 lac in India and Rs. CH can exercise higher powers. Purchase of books/ equipments/ instruments/ uniforms Caution deposit.20. etc.00 lac for abroad.    Amount of loan: Rs. MS. Post Graduation: MCA.00 in India and 20. . Building fund/refundable deposit supported by Institution bills/receipts.10.10. MBA. offered by reputed universities abroad.Contd…  Courses eligible: Studies Abroad  Graduation: For job oriented professional/technical courses offered by reputed universities abroad. Priority Sector: Rs. Courses conducted by CIMA – London. subject to the condition that the amount does not exceed 10% of the total tuition fees for the entire course.

like study tours. thesis. Indian National    Eligibility:   Secured admission to professional/technical courses in India or abroad.00 lac . any number of applicants belonging to the same family may be sanctioned loans upto Rs. subject to margin and repaying capacity of the parent/student.Contd…  Expenses considered for loan:    Travel expenses/ passage money for studies abroad. project work. Any other expense required to complete the course . Purchase of computers .  More than one loan in a family: “In case of receipt of application for more than one loan for student borrowers from a family. the loan be considered individual-wise and not family-wise. Insurance premium for student borrower (for obtaining insurance coverage under the specified scheme from specified insurance company/ies).4. In other words. etc.essential for completion of the course.

Income Criteria: No Income criteria is prescribed for the parents.00 lac abroad     .00 lac 5% Above Rs. 4.00 lac in India 15% Above Rs. Capital Requirement: Risk Weight as per BASEL-I : 100% Risk Weight as per BASEL-II: 75% Margin: NIL Upto Rs. However amount of loan be decided by judging Income of the parents.4. 4.Contd…  Top up Loans: Top up loans may be sanctioned to students for pursuing further studies within overall eligibility limits with appropriate reschedulement of existing loans and required security by the CH Age of student: There is no restriction with regard to age of student for being eligible for the loan.

at its discretion. Security: Up to Rs.  .  Repayment Holiday = Course period + 1 year or 6 months after getting job. No Security. security in the form of suitable 3rd party guarantee.Co-obligation of parents together with Coll.Contd…  Repayment: The loan to be repaid in 5-7 years after commencement of repayment. 4 lac and upto Rs. Above Rs. The Sanctioning Authority may. 4 lac .5 lac . Extension of time for completion of course may be permitted for a maximum period of 2 years. whichever is earlier. waive 3rd party guarantee if satisfied with the net-worth/means of parent/s who would be executing the documents as “joint borrower”. 7.  The accrued interest during the repayment holiday period to be added to the principal and repayment in Equated Monthly Installments (EMI) fixed.Co-obligation of parents. in exceptional cases.

Reimbursement after a period of more than six months may be considered at Circle Head level.f. 7. Co-obligator: Parent(s)/guardian of the student borrower. Fees reimbursement: BM may permit reimbursement of the Fees paid by the student/guardian at the time of admission or at subsequent stages within six months from the date of payment of fees on individual merits of the case.09. be within the sanctioned limit and subject to production of proper receipt/documentary evidence or proof of payment to the satisfaction of the    . In case of married person. The re-imbursement will however. FMS Delhi.50 lacs w.2009 Loan amount of above Rs. In case parents are not alive. along with the assignment of future income of the student for payment of installments. NITs. RECs. MDI Gurgaon and XLRI Jamshedpur exemption from taking guarantee for loans upto Rs. grandparent(s) be taken as co-obligator taking into account their net worth. 7.50 lac: Co-obligation of parents together with tangible coll. Government Recognized Medical Colleges. security of suitable value.e. IIMs.Contd…  For students of IITs. ITs. 07. co-borrower can be either spouse or the parent(s)/parent(s)-in-law.

)‟ field while opening the account in CBS). Intt.50% in „A/c Pref.Contd…  Rate of Interest: As applicable from time to time  Simple interest to be charged during the Repayment holiday/ Moratorium period.50% in rate of interest in case of sanctions on or after 07. ITs.03. 20 lac for studies abroad for existing as well as new girl student borrowers wef.    Penal Interest: Up to 25000/. MDI Gurgaon and XLRI Jamshedpur to get rebate of 0.09.2009. (Dr.10 lac for studies in India and Rs. Above 25000/. FMS Delhi. Government Recognized Medical Colleges. (the rebate not to be allowed where such rebate has already been permitted in terms of PNB Mahila Sasaktikaran Abhiyan).50% in rate of interest permitted to women beneficiaries for loans up to Rs. 08. Students of IITs. IIMs. NITs. RECs. A rebate of 0.----NIL .@ 2% on default / irregular portion .2009 (branches to give -0.

Building fund. Refundable deposit. Equipment. Interest concession: 1% interest concession is allowed if it is serviced during holiday period. 270/. 5000/ be recovered which shall be refunded on availment of the loan amount. Documentation Charges: Upto 4. . for loans for studies abroad. Books. Hostel charges.00 lac service tax Above 4. The concession will be given at start of repayment and EMI will be fixed accordingly. Uniform. The accrued interest during repayment holiday will be added to Principal for fixing of service tax Calculation of interest: Simple interest is to be charged during moratorium period and kept in a separate account. Exam fees. Travel expenses & Computer.50% with a maximum of Rs.00 lac – Rs. Upfront fee @ 0. Constitutes of loan: Tuition fees. 450/. However. Library/Lab charges.Contd…      Upfront fee: No processing/ upfront charges may be collected on education loans for studies in India. Instruments.

2. In case of studies abroad. . confirmation from student be obtained as per PNB 1147. 1.Contd…  Documents: Documents will be executed both by student and the parent/guardian.Agreement (PNB 1117) duly stamped to be taken.Agreement (PNB 1116) duly stamped to be taken.  Post sanction Follow up: Banks to contact college/ university authorities to send the progress report to the bank at regular intervals in respect of students who have availed loans. In case the student is Minor. On attaining majority. In case the student is Major. Branches to ensure whereabouts of the student borrowers and co-borrowers on half yearly basis even after completion of their studies / placement and a record of the same is maintained in the loan file. bank may obtain the Unique Identification Number (UIN)/Identity Card and note the same in the bank's records. Letter of Guarantee (PNB 785) duly stamped as an Agreement to be taken where applicable. 3.

2011.-KLI).Contd…  Insurance: Life Insurance policy on the students availing Educational Loan may be taken (at the option of the Student borrower) from the approved Co.02. The product is available for fresh cases till six months from the date of sanction.f. .e. The name of the product is “VIDYA RIN KAWATCH” and this tie up arrangement is for a period of one year w. 14. (Presently Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance Ltd.

125 lakh Scale VI : Rs. 20 lac Max. 60 lakh Officers in Circle Office / Head Office: Scale IV : Rs.HOUSING FINANCE (PUBLIC)   Eligibility: Individual & Joint Owners Purpose & Extent: Rs. However. 2.00 lac CH powers up to 20 lac to Govt. 10% of the loan upto maximum of Rs.20 lac. 200 lakh Repair & Renovation Cost of furnishing Pari pasu Charge Rs.60 lakh Scale V : Rs. Purchase of Plot Construction of House Need based Semi -built House/flat from Incumbent Incharge of Hubs / CCPC (Scale III) : Rs. CH & above may consider Loan upto Rs. Employees .30 lakh Pvt Builders Incumbent Incharge of Hubs / CCPC (Scale IV) : Rs. 150 lakh Scale VII : Rs. 50 lac.

Contd…  Freehold & Lease hold: The loan can be granted both for freehold and for leasehold property.  In case of Leasehold. : Risk Weight is 50% : Risk Weight is 75% : Risk Weight is 125% Loan limit above 30 lac Loan above 75 lac (irrespective of LTV Ratio)   Capital Requirement: Loan limit up to 30 lac . Otherwise advance is not permitted against plots purchased on Power of Attorney basis. loan can be granted on the basis of P/A from original allottee where DDA/PUDA/HUDA permit conversion of leasehold into freehold property.

2006. (New cases) Repayment:  Maximum 25 years including Moratorium period of 18 months  Maximum 10 years including moratorium period of 6 months in case of loan for repair/renovation/addition/alteration .50 % extra will be charged on H/L for 3rd or subsequent House/ Flat.8.  The interest can be fixed or floating  Option can be changed from fixed to floating and vice versa with flat charges of 2% fee on Balance outstanding  Fixed Interest rate be reviewed/reset after a block of 5 years in respect of loans disbursed on or after 1.Contd…  Margin:   Land/Plot : 40% Construction/repair/addition : 25% Rate of Interest:  0.  0.25% relaxation in interest rate for serving Defence Personnel.

23 cheques should be of installments and 1 cheque should be of the amount equal to the balance amount. 6 cheques remain. Father/mother can also be made co-borrowers in cases where property is in the single name of his/her son and also clubbing of their income is permitted for determining eligibility criteria. The income of earning spouse and children can be taken into account. However where gross monthly salary is above 50000/-. Wherever ECS/Standing Instructions are obtained. the deduction can be up to 70% with the permission of CH. The Income of spouse and earning children can be taken into account provided they are made co-borrowers.Contd…  Repayment:       Installment can be fixed up to maximum age of 65 years. Minimum 24 advance cheques should be obtained. . As and when. the deduction can be up to60% and if gross monthly salary is above 100000/-. 2-3 PDCs are to be procured/ maintained by the branches/Retail asset branches to keep remedy alive under Section-138 of Negotiable Instruments Act. Out of 24.) All deductions should not exceed 50% of Gross monthly income. fresh lot be obtained. Circle Head/Hub Incharge in the rank of Scale IV & above can relax the age up to 70 years (can also permit repayment tenor according to the age of co-borrower who is not co-owner of the property. ECS/standing instruction may also be considered.

50% of the loan amount (earlier 0. 1350 + service tax   . 300 lakh – 0.90%) with a cap of Rs.0.Contd…  Graduated EMI: PNB offers benefit of graduated EMI.  50% relaxation in Processing (Upfront) Fee for serving Defense Personnel (New cases) Documentation charges: Rs. This means that the customer has the option of choosing EMI that can increase or decrease during repayment period rather than being given a fixed EMI over repayment tenor.300 lakh .90% of the loan amount exclusive of service tax plus education cess.  For loans above Rs. Both are exclusive of service tax plus education cess. 20000/-. Upfront fee: For housing loans upto Rs.

up to 125% of loan amount if property is being purchased from 1st P/A holder and where there is delay in execution of Tripartite agreement or where the mortgage of property is not possible being an ancestral property (without title deeds) or Lal Dora Land.Contd…  Security:   Equitable/Registered Mortgage of Immovable Property Tripartite agreement be executed amongst Housing Board/Dev Authority/Coop Society/Builder. In such cases. 3rd party guarantee is also to be obtained. But while preparing RBL score sheet. Verification of security is required once in 2 years. In case of NPAs accounts.  EM of other IP or pledge of NSC etc. then 3rd party guarantee can be obtained to raise score of the applicant. if score is less than 50%. the borrower and the bank where mortgage cannot be created immediately. security is to be verified on Half yearly basis. . no guarantee is to be asked for.   Guarantee: In general.

if the property is situated at other place.       . 20.00 lac (Rural & Semi/Urban) Rs.00 lac Other features: Loan can be sanctioned by the branch/hub near to the present place of work/posting/residence of the borrower. Loan can be granted for 2nd house in the same city. permission of higher authority is not required.Contd…   Insurance: In case of building at Re-construction cost. For takeover.00 lac (Urban)   Rs. Priority Sector inclusion:  Repair & Renovation Others Rs. Loan can be granted even if property is in the name of wife/parents provided that the owner is made co-borrower. services of branch/hub located at that center may be availed for verification of Security and NEC/Valuation etc. Cost of Car parking upto maximum extent of 5% of the cost of house/flat can be included in the cost of project.1. However. CH may give administrative clearance for sanction by HUB/Branch where the property is located. 2. Loan can be granted for purchase of house for rental purpose.

In case. penal interest @2% over and above the applicable rate be charged. the loan is pre-paid out of own sources or the loan is taken over by another bank within 30 days from date of circular by which either the interest is raised or any important term or condition is changed. Flat pre-payment charges of 2% be recovered from borrowers who prepay without construction on the plot before 5 years. there will be no pre-payment charges.   In case. request for down payment in case of under construction houses/flats can be permitted by sanctioning authority subject to availability of tangible collateral security of the value of at  . the construction of house is not completed within 3 years or in case the plot is sold. In respect of builders/developers of national repute.Contd…  Important conditions: Loan cannot be granted:     For construction in Un-authorized colonies If property is to be used for commercial purpose Without approved Map Pre-payment charges of 2% be recovered on account being taken over by another bank.

Sanction / Disbursement: Housing loan should be sanctioned at the Hub/CCPC. however. Further.Contd…  Expression of Interest: It is a letter issued by the bank/branch wherein the lender expresses intention to make advance to the intended borrower on the basis of eligibility criteria subject to the fulfillment of terms and conditions. empowered to give administrative clearance for considering sanction of Housing Loan at Hub/CCPC falling in his/her area. the sanctioning Hub/CCPC should. Circle Head of the area where housing property is located is.   For security verification/NEC. so that there should be no complaint on this count. which is near the present place of work/posting/residence of prospective borrower. which is located near the housing property. on merits. however. Hub/CCPC at the place of the housing property must get the job of security verification/NEC done promptly. take the help of Hub/CCPC.   .

Minimum term of Coverage shall not be less than 1 year or more than 25 years. The minimum age of entry is 18 years and maximum age is 65 years.1. which will be as per the amortization table for a specific sum insured for certain repayment tenor taking the rate of interest at 10% p.       The initial Sum Insured shall not be less than Rs. Benefit is payable only. Maximum age for coverage is 70 years. if Death occurs during the term of insurance.000 and maximum sum insured will be as per bank norms equivalent to the loan amount disbursed. A term insurance policy is purely risk cover with no saving element.a .Contd…  Group Total Suraksha Scheme of TATA–AIG: One time premium to be borne by the customer can be financed by the Bank.

Extent of loan is 90% of EMD or max.00 lac in the shape of Demand Loan ROI is BPLR – 1.Contd…  Earnest Money Deposit Scheme: To meet the requirement of earnest money to apply for plot/flat/house from State Housing Boards and Urban Development authorities. OD Facility to existing H/L borrowers: OD facility can be allowed to existing Housing Loan borrowers there is no IR irregularity. 5. These authorities undertake to refund or issue allotment letter to the bank subject to eligibility of the bank for proposed loan and future requirement of Housing Loan. Guarantee clause deleted.75% Repayment through Refund order/Housing Loan/Bullet Payment.00 lac. Rs.         Additional limit and present o/s should not exceed 75% of current market . Other features of the scheme are as under: Minimum 50000/.and Maximum Rs. 2.

outside the purview of Hub & Spoke Model) in the accounts of existing HL borrowers. Also. The condition of minimum 2 years of repayment track record has been waived subject to compliance of KYC and other conditions/parameters/guidelines. OD can be continued/ renewed provided the sanctioning authority is satisfied about repaying capacity of the borrower and Value of security. ROI is equal to BPLR After HL is repaid.Rs.00 lac. This facility is outside the purview of “Hub and Spoke“ model in the accounts of existing HL borrowers   . this overdraft facility may be considered by branches at their level (i.Contd…      Upfront fees is NIL and documentation charges are Rs.00 lac. who have availed loan for plot . construction on which is yet to be completed. Loaning powers are SB-Nil.500/-. Take home salary should not be less than 40% of gross salary.e.4. MB. LB. OD facility for personal use should not be sanctioned to the borrowers. ELB & VLB Rs. 5.

4. BSF & ITBP Personnel./PSUs/Reputed Co. CRPF. 4. Minimum 6 months salary should be routed in the account or 6 months satisfactory transaction record for non salary saving accounts. dealing with branch for last 6 months and tax payer for last 3 years       ./Schools/Institutions.00 lac. Permanent Defence. Drawing salary through branch Check-off facility Minimum annual income of Rs. Confirmed permanent employees of Central/state Govt. MBBS/BDS doctors with minimum annual income of Rs. if no salary a/c.PERSONAL LOANS FOR PUBLIC  Eligibility: Only PNB Account holders are eligible. loan not allowed if retiring with next 24 months.00 lac.

Purpose & Extent: Personal needs.00 lac or 20 times net salary whichever is lower depending upon the repaying capacity & Rs. 30000/-. Minimum Rs. Nature: TL or OD    Sanction and Disbursement: All branches can generate leads for processing at Retail Hubs/CCPCs. However disbursement can be made only by branches having recovery percentage of not less than 90% under Personal Loan segment as at end of previous half year. 5. 4. .00 lac for those salaried persons who have completed 3 years in the present organization and drawing net monthly salary above Rs. 50000 & Maximum Rs.Contd…  Check off Facility: It means that the employer undertakes to deduct monthly installment from the salary and remit the same towards adjustment of the loan till its liquidation and also confirms attachment of terminal dues of the borrower/employee.

OD.Contd…  Minimum net monthly income: Metro Urban Rs.p.m. Obtention of advance cheques is applicable where check off facility is not available.15000/. 60 advance cheques (maximum) signed by the borrower along with letter of deposit be obtained.m.m. CH – no relaxations   Margin: NIL Repayment: TL – 60 EMIs M. CH can relax to 10000 SU & Rural areas Defense personnel and Teachers Rs.m. CH can relax to 7500 Rs.7500/.p. CH can relax to 12500 Rs.p.p.Reducing DP spread over 60  Defense Personnel – 36 Months or remaining period of stay at present station (CH can relax it to 48 Months) Amount of EMI should not be more than 50% of net monthly income.10000/.   .12500/.

A Registered letter be sent to the employer informing about details of loan raised by the employee.      Affidavit that no other loan from other bank is availed be obtained.  Docm. Copy of IT return for previous 3 years be obtained. 450/. Of the employer of applicant. Drawing of CIRs from CIBIL data base for considering any request for Personal Loan. Charges: (Rs. 270/. the branches eligible for disbursement/maintaining the accounts shall obtain blanket permission from CH for disbursement in the next 25 accounts submitting performance of the branch under the portfolio.80 % of loan amount + service tax   NIL for defense personnel.up to Rs. Rs. 2. a copy of authority letter be sent to Controller of Defense Account (CDAO) Pune so that salary is remitted till liquidation of loan Statement of account for at least 6 m.Above Rs. Form 16 be taken if loan is granted to employee.  Guarantee: Suitable 3rd party guarantee.2.    .) + service tax & Edu cess.00 lac. The genuineness of salary certificates be independently got verified from HR Deptt. NIL for defense personnel Other Requirements: In case of Army personnel. be obtained. Upfront fee: 1.00 lac. CH may waive RBL Sheet: PNB Score system will be applicable and the applicant will have to score at least 50% marks to avail loan.

Licence under Shops & Commercial Establishment Act.Scheme for Financing Traders  Eligibility: Traders. etc. from time to time will not be covered under this scheme. firms. Advances against goods or any other item prohibited by RBI/Govt. cooperative societies registered under any law relating to cooperative societies and companies etc. Registration with Excise Department. Advance is to be considered for genuine trade transactions and not utilized for hoarding / speculative purposes    . HUFs. who are individuals. Promoters /coobligants must have existing satisfactory relationship of minimum / at least six months with the Bank. such as State/Central Sales Tax Registration Certificate. Traders should comply with applicable statutory requirements.

obligants with our Bank may not be insisted upon. advised that all other precautions / safeguards for ensuring quality of the loan portfolio with due diligence shall be complied before sanction / disbursement of loans. track record of at least one year of prospective borrower /co-borrower/ coobligants.Contd…  The above condition of six months existing satisfactory relationship of the Promoters /co. they shall have to personally satisfy themselves about the KYC issues. field functionaries are. however. Genuineness of documents including other bank /FI statement of account obtained for the purpose.  In cases where the promoter / co-obligant(s)/ borrower is neither having transactional record of six months with our Bank nor with any other Bank /FI of at least one year as mentioned at (a) above. if any In such cases. credit worthiness and past conduct of the party with the existing bank. however.  . dealing with other banks /FI and willing to avail loan from our Bank must be verified before making the advance. Circle Heads may permit deviation on merits of each case. While considering /permitting deviations.

shelf life etc. book debts (not older than four months) and other assets to be used in the trade.Contd…  Purpose: Financing of stock in trade. Against Receivables : 40%       . other gadgets and delivery van required for running the business.Need Based Margin: TERM LOAN : 30% WORKING CAPITAL LIMITS: Against Stocks : 30% . keeping in view nature of stocks. Higher margins may be fixed in cases where commodities financed are perishable or life span is short. Such higher margins may be decided by sanctioning authority on case-to-case basis. Acquiring of assets for furnishing of shop & show room like partition. fixture and furnishing etc. Nature & Extent: Working Capital/Term Loan (fund based & non-fund based) . purchase of air-conditioners. price fluctuation.40%.

However.100 lakh for Metro and Urban centre and Rs.Contd…  Rate of Interest: Rate of Interest on working capital and term loan for trading advances shall be levied as advised by IRMD HO.200 lakh – on the basis of CMA data applicable for traders Term Loan for acquiring of assets for furnishing of shop & show room like partition.For fund based working capital limits above Rs. purchase of air-conditioners. 200 lakh – as per Nayak Committee recommendations MPBF System. advance be restricted up to 20% of the entitlement (as mentioned above).     .For fund based working capital limits up to Rs. Assessment of Working Capital limit: Simplified method linked with turnover. other gadgets and delivery van required for running the business should be restricted to a maximum of Rs. fixture and furnishing etc. in case the shop/ show room is rented / leased.25 lakh for SU and rural centre. from time to time.

. Collateral Security: Legally Enforceable Equitable/Registered Mortgage of IP / pledge or creation of charge on liquid security having realizable/ surrender value equal to the amount of loan/credit facilities. in case of loans /limits up to Rs. 5 lakh granted by way of term loan (WCTL) will be repayable in equal monthly/quarterly instalments within a period of 3 to 5 years. However. The term loan for acquiring fixed assets will be repayable in equal monthly/quarterly instalments within a period of 5 to 7 years including moratorium period of 3-6 months. Commencement of repayment be linked with generation of revenue by the business within a maximum period of 3 months of 1st disbursement. advance should be collaterally secured by way of suitable third party guarantee and mortgage of IP may not be      insisted upon. 5 lakh.Contd…  Repayment: Working capital limit upto Rs. Working capital limits shall be sanctioned for a period of one year and shall be renewed/ reviewed annually.

inclusive of Debtors (not more than 4 months old) of the preceding month/quarter after netting of sundry creditors.Contd…  Stock Statement: Inventory be obtained on Monthly/Qtrly basis as permitted by Sanctioning Authority. Aug. Calculation of DP: Drawing power in the account will be worked out on the basis of Inventory/Stock Statement. Circle Head may relax/waive the condition on merits of the case.   Insurance: Stocks/Assets charged be got comprehensively insured with agreed bank clause at borrower's cost and the policy to remain with the Bank. The quarters will be May. . DP be calculated after netting of Debtors and Creditors. Nov and Feb.

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