ICT: Benefits and Issues

 Quick access  Students are

own pace  Remedial and extended lessons can be given in the same lesson  Lessons can be given in different languages  Quality material can be accessed despite geographical location  Interaction with peers and experts from outside the city or country  Different intelligences can be catered to and stimulated

to a lot of information given the freedom to work at their

Learning benefits


of students Efficient tracking of students’ progress and skill proficiency Focus is more on the process than the product Easy identification of learning trends and problems Can be of crucial help to the creation of a student’s portfolio due to opportunities in the Web

ICT can enrich learning experience

Teaching benefits


of educational systems is not keeping pace with ICT innovation ICT’s needs for monetary resources causes sacrifices to be made in other areas of developments Technical issues overwhelms the average teacher Not enough teacher training on how to best use ICT for teaching

ICT-related issues that the country must face


in ICT has to be paired with visionary pedagogical insight. New teachers have to be equipped with skills in using new technology. And there has to be realistic expectations from schools venturing into ICT. Only when these issues are overcome that our students and teachers can truly maximize the benefits from ICT.