Group Overview.

Group Overview The Carrefour Group Today.
ØNo. 1 mass retailer in Europe and No.2 worldwide. Ø€77.9 billion of consolidated net sales in 2006. ØPresence and expertise in 4 leading complementary formats – Hypermarket – Supermarket – Hard Discount – Convenience ØOver 450,000 colleagues worldwide. Ø12,547 stores in 30 countries. ØMore than 3 billion checkout transactions per year. Ø€35 billion market capitalization. ØLeader in 10 countries

Store Formats/Brands.

Stores For Every Style. Complementary multi-format retailers.
Hypermark et Supermark et

Hard discount

Group Overview Complementary multi-format retailers.

Cash & Carry


Group Overview Slogans.
Ø HYPERMARKETS: "Choice and quality for everyone" Ø HYPERMARKETS : "Pentru o viata mai buna" (Romania); it means "For a better life" Ø HYPERMARKETS : "Ke Carrefour Aja Ahh...!!!" (Indonesia), literally means "Go to Carrefour (is better)...!!!" Ø SUPERMARKETS: "The prices people want, close to home" Ø HARD DISCOUNT: "Grocery products at low, low prices" Ø CONVENIENCE STORES: "Just what you need, right next door" Ø CASH & CARRY: "Proximity and accessibility for

Store Locations.

Store Locations.
Carrefour around the world in September 2007

Countries where Carrefour Group is present.      Directly owned      Under franchise

Store Locations.
Carrefour around the world in September 2007
Asia Europe America Africa

Store Locations. In Asia.

Store Locations. In Africa.

Store Locations. In Europe.

Store Locations. In America.

Store Locations.
Carrefour in India.
Ø India French retailer Carrefour may be close to In fulfilling its long ahead ambition to enter the Indian market. Ø has been in talks with Indian retail giant future It group about joint venture. Ø Carrefour, Parsvnath talking retail tie-up. Ø Last year, Carrefour had floated two separate units in India, Carrefour WC and C India Pvt. Ltd

Store Locations.
Key credit quality factors.
Ø Highly predictable and cash generative business model. Ø Low-risk, non-cyclical business. Ø European #1 in the food retail sector and #2 worldwide

through a large variety of stores format. markets. markets.

Ø Large portion of sales generated in mature and stable Ø Long-standing and successful presence in foreign Ø Investment being carried out will lay solid foundation

for strong future growth.

Store Locations.
Key credit quality factors. (contd…)
Ø 90% of total debt is directly managed by the Group

Ø Division(only 10% in countries, mostly with

partnerships, with regular follow-up).
Ø No speculation on exchange rates: all Group

commercial and financial transactions are hedged.
Ø No speculation on interest rates: 100% of 2008 debt

is already hedged.
Ø No refinancing concentrations.

A Glance.

Store Locations.
Carrefour supermarket at French Polynesia

At a Glance…
Minoh City, Japan.

At a Glance…
Carrefour Bangkok, Thailand.

At a Glance…
Batu Pahat, Malaysia.

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