We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit.




. . It all begins with a thought. you always get what you always got. if one has a closed mind the possibilities for the what if will never come to be experienced. LITE BOX Help a man when he is in trouble and he will remember you when he is in trouble again. On the other hand..Stereotype "If you always do what you always did.." If one lives with an open mind and believes in possibilities of what if.an idea..then new multi-dimensions are open for one to experience. The perception is in the eye of the beholder.

neither does Milk .Born to Win We are all born to lead successful lives. Conditioning Conditioning is the psychological process whereby we get used to specific events occurring in association with each other. but our conditioning leads us to failure. but then again. LITE BOX Alcohol doesn’t solve any problem .

didn't know. our subconscious will accept and our behaviors will reflect accordingly LITE BOX Whoever said money can't buy happiness. Whatever we choose to put into our mind. .How do we get conditioned We are constantly being conditioned consciously or unconsciously by exposure to : • The kind of books we read • The kind of movies or TV program we watch • The kind of company we keep GIGO Principal Our subconscious mind does not discriminate. where to shop.

Your Subconscious Mind and Conscious Mind The Conscious mind has an ability to think. But the subconscious only accepts. How do we get programmed There are four stages• • • • Unconscious Incompetence Conscious Incompetence Conscious competence Unconscious Competence . It can accept and reject.

Nature Abhors a Vacuum You must keep your self involved in positive activity otherwise you would be attracted to the negative because nature abhors a vacuum. We can control our habits by exercise self discipline over our thoughts. Habits are matter of the pain and pleasure principal . . We do things either to avoid pain or to gain pleasure.

why don’t they change? The pleasure to continue is greater than the change.Resistance to change When people recognize or become aware of their negative habits. they may: • lack the desire of change • Lack the discipline to change • lack the belief that they can change • Lack the awareness for the need to change Following excuse are the most common for not changing negative habits: • I have always done it that way • I have never done it that way • That is not my job • I don’t think it will make any difference • I am too busy .

of the kind of person you want to be . “ A lie that is repeated often enough becomes accepted truth. regardless of your age and how old is the habit is. influence attitude and behavior. We can change by being aware of what needs to be changed and by using techniques that modify behavior.Forming Positive habits Its never too late to change. They influence both your conscious and subconscious mind that in turn.” Auto suggestions should be positive statement . . Auto suggestion it’s a statement made in the present tense. we think in pictures not in words.

Prepare the subconscious Auto suggestion is a repetitive process through which we feed our subconscious with positive statements that translate into reality. It is a way to program and condition our mind to make a statement into a self fulfilling prophecy. .