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Hovercraft is a multi surface useable vehicle. Sometimes it also known as air cushion vehicle. It climb slop upto 20% depending characteristics.

it is very exciting to fly(jump) and freely of effortlessly Form land to water.

HISTORY  First air cushion vehicle was developed by Swedish designer & philosopher “EMMANUEL SWEDENBEG” in 1710. In the mid of 1950 “CHRISTOPHER COCKRELL” a british radio engineer & “JOHN BERTIN” French engineer work along with similar line research.   . his first experiment were conducted with the aid of two cam & a vacuum cleaner with blower.

PRINCIPLE OF WORKING  Hovercraft work on principle of pressure difference. Air which comes from propeller goes to fans which is the cause of motion of vehicle. Large fans which are lift the craft are powered by the gas turbine or diesel engine.    . The air beneath hull would lubricate the surface & reduce water drag on boat.

MAIN PARTS  Lower hull  Skirts  Lift fan  Propeller  Rudder .

DEVOLOPMENT OF AIR CUSHION BY MOMENTUM CURTAIN EFFECT  Plenum chamber with a momentum certain was development “CRISTOPHER COCKREL” to solve stability problem. air travel around b/w the inside of bigger can & outside of smaller can. can inside the nested inside each other produced more thrust on to scale then the simple open can or plenum chamber did.  The  Two .

(on landing pad) enough free board to support craft in displacement mode on water.  Have  Must be water tight and as smooth as possible.HULL CONSTRUCTION  Need  Must to adequate size for the total weight of craft & payload. . be strong enough to support craft of cushion.

HOVERCRAFT SKIRTS Skirts is one of the most sensitive parts.  Skirts is a flexible strip fitted below bottom edge of plenum chamber.  Three types of skirts (1) bag skirts (2) finger skirts (3) bag and finger skirts  .  Development of skirts enable a craft maintain its normal operating speed.

 Ability to absorb a large portion portion of energy.  Ability to confirm effectively so keep minimum loss of cushion air.  Return to its original shape after deformed.REQUIRED CONDITION  Contain cushion of air beneath. .  Adequate stability.

 Fan . operate efficiently in an environment when back pressure high.LIFTING FAN  Centrifugal fan used .  Air sucked into the center hole in fan.

.THE ENGINE  Compressor & turbine is mounted on engine’s main shaft.  Compressor compress the air and push into the combustion chamber to ignite.  One end is connected to starter motor & other lift fan.  Compressed air rapidly expand .gas pressure raises the turbine speed.

THE THRUST PROPELLER  Propeller  It provide the air for up thrust force. is designed to most efficient in open air like air craft. .

 Hovercraft .  Rudder  In is mounted on pylons to rotates the direction of thrust. can turn at 180 degree. hovercraft generally used more than one hovercraft.RUDDER AND CONTROL OF HOVER CRAFT  Rudder is controlling unit of hovercraft.

of lying active minefields. .  Loading  Capable and unloading over water to land.ADVANTAGES  Improved performance and reduce noise.

 New method of propulsion is required.FUTURE DEVELOPMENT  It is difficult to lift. was thought that high pressure would .  Hover  it principle many new design are arises.

APPLICATION It safe around the swimmer as there is no propellers in water.  It will travel against a current of river with no reduction of speed  A Hovercraft travel over the surface of water without concern for depth or hidden obstacles  It can travel with great speed of up to 60 knots  Hovercraft are unaffected by small waves and offer a comfortable smooth ride  .

DESIGN  Hovercraft are classified in many different types- (1)Commercial (2)non-commercial (3)Single engine (4)Multi engine .

Recreational/sports  Small commercial manufactured craft is use to recreation.  Hovercraft crushing club provide world class training and hovercraft tool designing. .

craft are multi engine and more powerful then others.MILITARY PURPOSE  Almost  Army’s country’s army widely use its. .

brings a great revolution in automation industries. .CONCLUSION  Now  Its  It a time many types of craft present in world. is special vehicle for special purpose.