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This is the Musicians Union

Emily Stewart Musicians Union

The MU who we are

A TUC affiliated Trade Union and UK Music member

A trade union is a membership organisation which represents workers and aims to protect the interests of its members in the workplace. Pay and working conditions Representation Legal support Advice and support for problems at work Education and training Campaigning Tackling discrimination

Regional Committees and Executive Committee as well as section Committees. National structure comprises 6 regional offices + HQ

The MU who we are

Look after interests of musicians of all ages, genres and backgrounds

Dedicated departments and sections to cover specialist areas of work;

Executive & Regional Committees Music writers Performers Instrumental teachers Orchestral players

Session musicians Theatre players Media (TV, film, advertising) Education Legal support Press & communications Equalities

What we do

The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side.
Hunter S Thompson

What we do
Provide support, guidance and assistance to its members

Free contract advice

Expert career advice

Unpaid fee recovery

Draft agreements and contracts Equipment and public liability Insurance Seminars and learning events

Benevolent assistance Campaigning Maternity benefit

Networking opportunities
Partnership advice Regular publications

Collective agreements
The Musicians Union negotiates minimum terms and rates with employers including:

ITV PACT (Independent Production Companies)

SOLT (West End Theatre)

TMA (UK theatres outside the West End) ABO (UK Orchestras) We also publish minimum rates for gigging, teaching, session work, recording of a live performance, composition, arranging and work for the media.

What we do
Career advice
Composing and copyright

Promotion and marketing Releasing your own product

Making good contacts / developing your fanbase Getting funding

Getting the deal Who to avoid

Working as a teacher Health and safety

Protecting your rights

Financial advice


(a) The Publisher agrees to use best endeavours to exploit and promote the Works including in at least one of the following forms:(i) by licensing the mechanical reproduction of commercial recordings of the Works;

(ii) by licensing the synchronisation rights in the Works (or any of them) for films including videotape for public exhibition; (iii) (iv) (v) by broadcast of any of the Works on a bona fide radio or television station. by public performance of the Works by the manufacture and offer for sale of printed editions of the Works

Where any of the Works are co-published with, sub-published by or licensed to any third party, then the exploitation or promotion of such Works in the manner aforesaid by any co-publisher, sub-publisher or licensee shall be deemed to be exploitation to satisfy the provisions of this Clause. (b) In the event that the Publisher fails to promote or exploit any one of the Works assigned to it by the Writer hereunder, in at least one of the forms described in sub-clause 5(a) above within one (1) year following the expiry of the Term hereof, the Writer may by notice in writing at any time thereafter require the Publisher to exploit and promote such Work in at least one of such forms within six (6) months of receipt of the notice and if the Publisher shall fail to promote or exploit such work in at least one of the forms described in sub-clause 5(a) above, the copyright in such Work shall automatically revert to the Writer and the Publisher shall at its expense do all such things and execute all such documents necessary to re-vest the copyright in the Writer.

Campaigning and lobbying

Term extension in sound recordings (50 70 years by 2014) Live Music Act Excemption for venues with >200

Equalities and Diversity Charter Fair Play guide for Musicians Work not Play campaign

What we do

Membership fees: 183 per year (Full membership) 20 per year (Student membership)

Thank you for listening 020 7840 5540
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MU HQ 33 Palfrey Place London SW8 1PE

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