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The Mosaic of Italian Culture
Italy is like a beautiful mosaic, whose pieces are the Italian culture.

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Fashion Spor t Geography




Did you know?

In Pisa is the leaning tower

In Naples there is Castel dell'Ovo


 When

looking for an address in Florence know that the numbers of houses are in black for the shops and in red for residences. The museum of the Uffizi is the oldest museum in the world (1560).


Rome The unique signature of Michelangelo

The famous' Pietà ', commissioned Michelangelo to Cardinal Giovanni Bilhères de Lagraulas, Ambassador of France to Rome, and that can be seen in the first chapel of the right aisle of the basilica of St. Peter is one of the most important works of the Master, and the only bearing his signature. It is said that the great artist, who was 24 years and was still little known, hearing the opinion of some art connoisseurs who praised his work, however, attributed to Cristoforo Solari, indispettì you and wanted to highlight the name of the true author, by affixing the signature on the belt through the womb of


 The

first botanical garden in the world (1545). A form of a circle surrounded by a ring of water to symbolize the world. The plant has 422 years old.


The drawings of prehistoric Valcamonica, Brescia Lombardia

8000 years of history 140,000 drawings and symbols Narrative of war, navigation, magic and Agriculture


I Sassi di Matera in Matera, Basilicata province
 The

most important example remained intact in the Mediterranean region homes by ERA paleolithic adapted to the soil and the ecosystem.


Piazza Armerina, the province of Enna, Sicily

Villa Romana del Casale It is the most luxurious villa of its kind Note to the particular richness of its mosaics which decorate almost every room, which was considered the most beautiful mosaics in the Roman worl

Archeological site of Pompeii, the province of Naples
 Pompeii

shows a complete picture of daily life and a vivid picture of Roman society of the 79 A. D. which has no respect in the world.


Traditional Italian Music
 The

pipe is one of the oldest instruments in the world that date from the eighteenth century BC Still played today, especially in religious ceremonies of Christmas.

The traditional dances

The Tarantella is one of the oldest dances  . It is said that it was created by Thanks to seduce Ulysses, just escaped the song of sirens


The theater most of Europe Piccolo Monte Castello di Vibio, Perugia 
Opened in 1808, has 99 seats. It is a faithful reproduction of the great European theaters. It is celebrated with a stamp of "belonging to the artistic and cultural Italian".


Bologna also known as "La Dotta"
 In

Bologna is the oldest university in the world, founded in 1088. In 2000 Bologna was awarded the title European Capital of Culture.


The City further south of Italy
 Lampedusa

is closer to the Tunisian coast (167 km) than to those of Italy (205 km). It is the last area before the Italian coast of Africa


The Mummies of Palermo
The Catacombs of the Capuchins have the largest collection of mummies in the world with more than 8,000 bodies.


The Ospedale degli Innocenti
 The

Hospital of the Innocents is the first institution of its kind in Europe. Designed to care for and raise children orphaned or abandoned. "The hospital was designed by Filippo Brunelleschi in 1444.


Beautiful and romantic Bridge of Sighs of the famous Palazzo Ducale, pity ... the sighs referred were those of ergastolani! The Palace, home of the Doge, is a huge catalog of masterpieces. In the Hall of Council Maggior Camping portraits of the first 76 doges, with that of traitor Marin Falier obscured. On the main wall is the largest canvas in the world, the Paradise of Tintoretto.


In Conclusion
 The

culture is varied, interesting, stimulating Italy is "the beautiful country", come and see it!