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This project involves a study on Employee Motivation in Heritage village club in Goa. As the company is facing a big challenge in keeping the employees motivated The analysis includes finding out the needs and expectations from the employees to reinforce the motivational factors that they are already used by the Company.

Project Statement
To study the employee motivation level at Heritage Village club Goa

Objectives of the study

To identify the different ways in the organization to motivate the employees. To study the important factors which are needed to motivate the employees.

To know how motivation creates job satisfaction among the Employees.

To give recommendation and suggestions for the improvement of motivation at Heritage Village club Goa

Project Background
The research problem here in this study is associated with the motivation of employees at Heritage Village Club Goa There are a variety of factors that can influence a persons level of motivation; some of these factors include.

The level of pay and benefits, The perceived fairness of promotion system within a company, Quality of the working conditions, Leadership and social relationships, Employee recognition Job security Career development opportunities etc.

Company Profile
Select Hotels has built a reputation for excellence in accommodation, food and beverages and related services. It has to its credit the most exclusive first class hotels and resorts, one of the finest accommodations in Goa and Manesar. Heritage Village Club, Goa a five star resort located on the virgin Arossim Beach on the South Coast of Goa and 4 star in the European market.


Existing motivational strategies

Promotion Best employee of the Quarter Annual appraisal Performance appraisal A performance development plan Training and development Staff welfare Recognition & acknowledge of work

How long have you been working with the company?

work experience

10 + years 17% under 1 year 25%

5-10 years 20%

0-5 years 38%

Have there been any changes in the company which has in has turn affected your motivation?
Changes in the company
yes No



Are you satisfied with the support from the HR department?

Support from the HR department

highly dissatisfied 17%

highly satisfied 13%

satisfied 20%

dissatisfied 33%

neutral 17%

Effective performance appraisal system

Effective performance system

Strongly Agree 18% Disagree 24%

Agree 17%

strongly Disagree 34%

Neutral 7%

Which type of incentives motivates you more?

Types of incentives
Financial incentives non - financial both


10% 67%

Reasonable periodical increase in salary

Reasonable increase in salary

Strongly agree 13%

strongly disagree 23% Agree 7%

neutral 17%

disagree 40%

Effective promotional opportunities in the organization

Promotional Opportunities

Strongly agree 17% Disagree 33% Agree 13%

Neutral 10% Strongly Disagree 27%

Rank the following factors which motivates you the most?

Ranking 1to5 respectively

Salary increase



Motivational Talks


Majority of the respondents felt that salary increase motivated them the most Promotions was 2nd the rating which motivated them. Leave was 5th in the rating which motivated them. Recognition was the 3rd in the rating which motivated them. Motivational talks were 4th in the rating which motivated them.

Does the management involve you in decision making which are connected to your department?
Occanionally 0%

Participation in decision Making

No 10%

YES 90%

Qualified HR team As 50% of the respondents felt that they were not getting support from the HR department as the HR team was not qualified for their job and some of the respondents that they were pessimistic in their approach. Participation in decision making 90% of the respondents said that the management was not involving in the decision making concerning their department.


Staff Retention In todays environment it becomes very important for organizations to retain their employees. The top organizations are on the top because they value their staff and they know how to keep them to the organization Employee Participation

To involve employees in the decision making process: Employees must be a part of decision making process because they are the one who will be the first to be affected by the decision. So their opinion counts a lot..

Employee satisfaction tracking system In order to fulfill the guests need, the organization often fails to meet its employee requirement. Thus, employee satisfaction tracking system should be introduced in every organization to measure the satisfaction level. This will enable the organization to take corrective decisions and will make employees happier.

Promotion of employees If there is a vacancy in the organization and an outsider is appointed instead of an inside person being promoted This situation will result in people leaving the job, and it might be possible that there might be differences between the new employee and the present staff. Thus, promoting employees from within would help to retain staff.

Compensation and benefits

Health Insurance Retirement Benefits Family Benefits Motivation: Profit-sharing Involvement Recognition Rewards

360 - Degree Feedback System This system is used to evaluate the performance of all top officials, from the Managing Director to departmental managers, in which they are evaluated by their immediate subordinates. The 360-degree feedback is followed by personal interviews of individuals to counsel them to overcome their deficiencies. This system should be encouraged so that each an everyone gets an opportunity to excel and improve on their drawbacks.

Idea Champ It recognizes the employee who gives an idea that can be implemented. The researcher recommend that instead of having one idea champ all the ideas given by the employees must be put on a soft board so that they even feel motivated and recognized. RefiningAs 50% of the respondents said that they were not getting support from the HR department I suggest that the HR policies and the HR team has to be refined.

At present they have employee of the quarter they should introduce employee of the month so that they can keep the employees motivated. Training and development They should have a full fledge training team to train and develop the employees as the employees suggested in the survey.

The study concludes that, the motivational program procedure in Heritage village club Goa is not found to be effective .The study on employee motivation highlighted so many factors which will help to motivate the employees. The study was conducted among 30 employees and collected information through structured questionnaire. The study helped in the findings which were related with employee motivational programs which are provided in the organization. The performance appraisal activities really play a major role in motivating the employees of the organization. It is a major factor that makes an employee feels good in his work and results in his satisfaction too.