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Thums Up Up : : Brand Brand History Thums History
• Popular carbonated soft drink (cola) and largest selling brand in India • Launched in India by Parle Agro Pvt. Ltd, now owned by Coca-Cola. • After purchase, half of Coca-Cola’s sales were on account of Thums Up • Thums Up accounts for 50 million of the 550 million cases sold in the carbonated drinks segment in 200

• Earlier positioned as a “Refreshing Cola”, with slogans such as “Thums Up Makes it Great and Happy Days are here Again” • Post-1996 , it moved towards a more individualistic, masculine positioning • Strategy rooted in Consumer Insight : • Indian market where most of soft drink consumption was outdoors and majority of consumers were male • Using strong taste of Thums Up product , brand is able to provide value to defined target group

Brand Tracking Brand Tracking
Period 1977-80
Mid 1980’s 1988-1993 1993-95 1995-2006 2006- present

Brand Positioning Refreshing drink, happiness
Masculine Masculine Coke ignored the brand Masculine, Confident, Adventurous Masculine, Playful, Humorous, Confident

tag Line Happy days are here again
I am the thunder Taste the thunder

Taste the thunder Taste the thunder

Situational Analysis .

• Later re-launched it as a flanker to compete with Pepsi. . • Known for its strong taste and high carbonation levels • Bought by Coca-cola in 1993 after failed attempts by it to kill the brand.Background Background • Thums-up launched in 1977 by the Parle group.

.Market Share Market Share • In the carbonated drinks category Coca-cola occupies about 58% market share in India. • Pepsi comes second with 36% • Thums-up is the highest selling brand among carbonated beverages in India with a market share of about 15% of the total CSD market.

Carbonation level High Thums-up Masculine Mountain Dew Pepsi Coke Fanta Feminine Carbonation level Low .

• Thums-Up kick-started an aggressive campaign directly attacking Pepsi’s TV ads. The brand’s market share and equity soared. • The advertisements struck the minds of many Indians and caught the imagination of youngsters who want to be seen as men.Brand Positioning Positioning Brand • Initially positioned as a refreshing drink • The brand was re-positioned as a “manly” drink. . focusing on the strength of the drink hoping that the depiction of an “adult” drink would appeal to young consumers. • “Grow up to Thums-Up” was a successful campaign. drawing on its strong taste qualities.

Brand Positioning Positioning Brand • The latest ‘ Thums-Up communication for 2010 takes the whole idea of “I Will Do Anything For My Thunder” attitude of the Indian male to the next level by adding a layer of fun and playfulness to it. . • The Thums-Up drinker indulges in adrenalin pumping action to get a bottle of his favourite soft drink Thums Up because he loves to do it and not because he has to. • The latest advertisements reflect this with Akshay Kumar performing stunts on bikes and cars to get a bottle of his favorite Soft Drink – Thums Up.

” .• Sharper edges are added to the ‘Thumb’ in the Thums-Up sign to bring out the core masculine values of brand Thums-Up more prominently.


. 72 % of India's population is below the age of 40.Reasons for not changing TG • Between 2010-2030. 47% of Indians is under the age of 20 & 10% of the world population is an Indian under 25. • This predominance of youth in the population is expected to last until 2050. India will add 241 Million people in working age population (children currently in education system) • As of today.

Reasons For for continuing current Positioning positioning Reasons Not Changing • Brand “Thums Up” has done quite well over the years & changing Positioning might affect its sales • Customers in the age group of 12 to 35 years associate themselves with the “macho” image portrayed by “Thums Up” • Very difficult for the customers other than those in 12 to 35 years to associate themselves with the “macho” image of “Thums UP”. hence exclusivity for target segment .

The Way forward with Current positioning .

consumer loyalty . awareness and interest through association with online gaming • Promote consumer brand experience.Routes Route 1 • Increase awareness through campaigns similar to past ones Route 2 Route 3 • Increase customer base.

ROUTE 1 Emphasizing the current positioning .

Marketing Objective Marketing Objective & TG • Contemporizing the existing theme of campaigns • Concentrate on increasing awareness and reach • Target group would primarily be males in the age group of 12 – 35 • Click a pic of self doing something adventurous/ daring – Thums up in pic .

Creative Strategy • The campaign would be run with multiple themes • Each theme would stress on a particular masculine trait – Aggression (gaming) – Adventure (cliff hanging) – Sport (cycling. horse riding) .

twitter etc. outdoor and Radio • Social media – blogs. Print.Media Planning • The existing spread would be used between TV. Picasa – Facebook . – Flickr.


Taste the thunder .

ROUTE 2 Consumer Promotion – Online Gaming .

adventure and masculinity is maintained .Marketing Objective • Association of brand Thums Up with Online gaming • Spread brand awareness among online gamers and gaming lovers in India • Thums Up brand’s association with confidence.

2 cities Average age 22 Belongs to the affluent SEC A 60+% of total gamers play games in Action/adventure genre – Youth who follow virtual reality gaming contests .Target Group • Youth interested in virtual reality games in action/adventure genre • Typical profile: – – – – A male from the top 8 metros & nearby tier 1.

Action & &Reward reward Action • Screening rounds in 8 cities where gamers will compete against each other to progress to the next round • Prizes will include gaming devices for finalists and opportunity for winners to participate in CPL Gaming Championship in the US • Free sampling of Thums Up at the venues • Spot contests for audiences and merchandise given away .

Media Planning .com . • Print Media • Advertisements in National dailies announcing the campaign • Advertisements in local dailies where the screening rounds are carried out • Television • An advertisement announcing the campaign • Social Media • Live updates about the progress of the tournament on social networking websites • Contests for audience to be announced on social media to increase the traffic of target audience • Online • Videos uploaded of thrilling moments of the game on vide hosting websites • Live streaming of finals will be available for viewing • Campaign promotion advertisements on ibibo.

Creative Strategy Strategy Creative • Models in various stages of battle with tech weaponry – Male traits like aggression. strategy depicted – Armory/weaponry depicted .


ROUTE 3 Consumer Promotion – Outdoor .

Pune. Chandigarh.Marketing Objective & TG • Increase awareness and interest among TG • Experience the ‘Thums Up’ promise • Consumers will ‘live the brand’ • TG would be pan India youth between 18 35 • Promotion would be active in 4 metros. Hyderabad. Bangalore .

Action & Reward • Auditions would be conducted in the aforementioned 8 cities • The final 5 get a chance to perform stunts judged by Akshay Kumar • The winner gets a chance to act in a • ‘Thums Up’ commercial with Akshay Kumar .

Media Planning • Higher proportion of media budget would be allocated to T. and Radio • Print and Social Media marketing .V.

Creative Strategy • Models doing extremely exaggerated. difficult stunts to reach the Thums Up bottle .



consumer loyalty .Which route do you prefer? Route 1 • Increase awareness through campaigns similar to past ones Route 2 Route 3 • Increase customer base. awareness and interest through association with online gaming • Promote consumer brand experience.

Think Free recommends #3 • Improving the consumer interaction with brand. thus improving brand loyalty • Promoting the Thums Up experience and giving the consumer a chance to live the experience • A nationwide appeal . • http://economictimes.blogspot.html • Datamonitor .References • • http://drypen.

The Team Presentation Actors • • • • • • Siddarth Naik Ganesh Iyer Varun Arora Vishwesh Singbal Abhijit Naik Prabhakar Kudchadkar • Puneet Sharma • Akshay Sharma • Ganesh Iyer .