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Project Guide: Komal Mam , Rajendra Sir

Team Members:
Abhijeet Singh Shantanu Vikram Singh Pravin Pandey

Scheduling Interviews. The main features of this system will be creating vacancies. storing Applicants data. This system tends to replace the existing manual system for the recruitment process which is a time consuming.Introduction This document provides details about the entire software requirements specification for the online job Portal. The project Online Job Portal is aimed at developing a web-based and central Recruitment Process System for the HR Group of a company. Interview process initiation. Storing Interview results for the applicant and finally Hiring of the applicant. Reports may be required to be generated for the use of administrator . less interactive and highly expensive.

Printer 5.128 MB DDRAM or More 3.8 GHz and Above 2.Internet Connection .40 GB HDD 4.Power Backup 6. Pentium IV 1.Hardware Requirements 1.

28 3. Application Server GlassFish v3. Database MySQL Database Server 5. JDK 1.0.1 .1 5. Web Server Tomcat 7.1 2.5.0. Operating System Windows 7 / Vista / XP sp3 / Linux Fedora 14.7 NetBeans 7.14 4. Ubuntu 6.Software Requirements 1.

Employees (Job Recruiter) 2. Job Seekers 4. Vacancies 3.Features The main features of this system are: 1. Administrator .

to view all the vacancies and vacancy details. number of vacancies. The Employee can associate jobseekers with a vacancy.  Vacancy: This system enables the jobseekers to login. He is also able to search on interview date.  Administrator: Is could view his interview details and application status. etc.  Job Seekers: The Job Seekers can register and create a resume. Employer :This system enables the Employer to login to the system and create a vacancy and post it on the web. . He/She can search and apply for jobs online.

Project Details  Main page  Login page  User options Create Resume  View Resume  Search Jobs   Sign out .

 And click on Sign In button. If that Name does not exists in database table it will display an alert message is “Inserted Unsuccessfully”. . It will display the alert message as “Inserted Successfully”.  Then again to enter new name click on “Create New Account” to register name.Login Page  Whenever we run the Login page enter the user Name and Password.  Then click on Sign In button.


It will display the alert message as “Login Successfully”. password and retype password. .  And click on Sign In button.Create user  In this form we can enter the username.


User options In this form we have three main options.  Create Resume  Post Resume  View Resume  Search Jobs  Job Search .

name. And it is saved successfully.Create Resume  Create Resume: when we click on create resume it will go the Post Resume Form.  Post Resume: In Post Resume Form user can enter the details such As email. . address. basic education etc.


.View Resume  View Resume: When we click on View Resume button it will display the already stored resumes and current users resume.

Experience etc. And we click on Apply this job button it will automatically send your information to in at company. locations. when you click on search button it will display the Company information related to user entries.Job Search  Search Jobs: when we click on search jobs button it will display the job search Form.  Job search: In this form we can enter the keyword. salary. .



Sign Out  Sign Out: After filling all the information in the form click Sign-out button to exit from the form. .