By Group 3 Lecturer’s Name : Pn . Nuratikah Bt Seman Member’s Name : Nur Nadzirah Bt Shahrul Nizam Siti Shuhadah Bt Abu Kassim Farah Bt Normansah Fatinfathiah Bt Mohd Fadzil Norfarah Nadiah bt Sha’ari Nor Farahanun Bt Kudhory Norasleza Bt Zakaria Noorashikin Bt Mohd Ali

changing behaviors . acquiring information . writing or body language What Is Effective Communication ? concept to require that transmitted content is received and understood by someone in the way it was intended Goals : creating a common perception . thoughts and feelings between people through speaking .What Is Communication ? process of sharing information .

• Components • Context • Body language • Interferrence • Active Listening .

Choose the right place .HOW TO COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY Creating The Right Environment For Communication .Remove distractions .Choose the right time .

Organizing Your Communication • Be clear • Organize and clarify ideas in your mind • Stay on topic • Thank them .

Communicating Through Speech Set the listener at ease Be articulate Avoid Mumbling Listen Actively Be vocally interesting .

Communicating Through Body Language • Use facial expression conciously • Communicate eye to eye • Use breathing and pauses to your advantage • Use hand gestures carefully • Keep a check on other body language carefully .

Communicating Effectively In Conflict • Listen to the other party • Speak in a calm voice • Don’t try to finish the argument at all costs • Don’t try to get the last word in .

tone of voice and approach .Adjust the laguage .Words clearly and accurate .Do not interrupt .Look on the Internet for examples of great speakers in action. .Understanding the ideas that we want communicate with each other .Avoid abusive abd offfensivewhen other people talk .Tips .Ask question necessary to ensure that you fully understanf the message conveyed .

do not take it too far and do not rely on it as a crutch to cover up the hard-to-say things. If you are very upset. Neither is guaranteed to instill respect or interest in the listener. your communication will not be taken seriously. If you keep giggling and joking.Warning Don’t ramble. . This will lead to your message not being understood or taken seriously Do not whine or plead. excuse yourself and come back to the discussion later when you have had a chance to think it through. While a little humor injected into what you are discussing can be very effective. Be careful with humor.