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and (4) Private Banking.000 offices in 87 countries 220.HSBC  HONGKONG SHANGHAI BANKING CORPORATION      We are the world's local bank. (3) Global Banking and Markets. (2) Commercial Banking.000 shareholders in 124 countries 100 million customers through four customer groups and global businesses: (1) Personal Financial Services. . Headquartered in London 8.

relevant and actionable MI that will allow users to formulate and achieve business goals. .JOB POSITION  BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE ASSOCIATE The job holder supports business and operational units of the bank through the development of timely.


6. 2. 5. 8.OVERALL ORIENTATION PRACTICES AND PROCEDURES 1. 10. Hours of work and attendance Payroll periods Rates of pay Overtime rules Training or introductory employment period Benefits Advancement or promotion opportunities and procedures Employee suggestion plan Parking arrangements Union-related information if this person will be in a represented group . 7. 3. 4. 9.

2. Welcome 1. Organize a Team Meeting 1. Processing-In 1. Meet with Manager 1. 2. Then let the new employee get to know the team. 5. 3. The VP will gather the team for an update meeting. 2. Attachment . The manager will explain policies to the new employee. Introduce new employee to the team members Discussing the job To whom will the new employee will report.JOB-SPECIFIC ORIENTATION 1. 4.

SAS training Internal Training 1. AMLA and Compliance Training 2. 3. External Training 1. Training: 1. Overview of the Products and Business of HSBC Online Learning 1. Basic B.JOB-SPECIFIC ORIENTATION 6. Hub Query Training 2. Advanced MS Excel Training 3. Anti-Corruption Training . 2.O Query Training 4.

2. settling-in phase 1. 2. “With these phases the new employee can be more motivated. will give the new employee the potential career opportunities resolve work conflicts and social relationships with the internal customers and colleagues. encounter phase 1. the employee begins to feel and experience what the job really is. the new employee interacts with the heads of the department. team meeting and attachment. anticipatory socialization 1. happier and more satisfied with the job. 3.CONTRIBUTION TO SOCIALIZATION touches the 3-phases 1.” .

Focus 1. Job enlargement 1. Job rotation/ assignments/ reliever 1. 2.DEVELOPMENT PLAN 1. Future trainings to enhance abilities 2. 3. Preparation for changes of tasks Learning different tasks and responsibilities Doing tasks of other colleagues if they are on leave 3. Additional task from the current task that will lead to promotions .

Certificates. Licenses . Use of work experiences More knowledgeable on the job the employee is handling 5. Formal Education MBA. Young leadership development programs (2 years with possible promotion) 6.DEVELOPMENT PLAN 4. Internal Mentoring Programs Management trainings.

new employee orientation program HumRes – Group 1 .