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Country Profile

Country Profile
Capital Singapore Official Languages English Malay Chinese Tamil Demonym Singaporean Area Total710 km2 (189th) 274 sq. mi Water (%) 1.444 Currency- Singapore Dollar Population 2011 census 5,183,700 (of whom 3,257,000 are Singapore citizens)[4] Density 7,315[5]/km2 (3rd) 18,943/sq. mt

Singapore is the 14th largest exporter and the 15th largest importer in the world. Historically, international trade has strongly influenced the economy. According to the WTO, Singapore has the highest trade to GDP ratio in the world at 407.9 percent. Due to its geostrategic location and developed port facilities, a large volume of Singapore's merchandise exports involve entrepot trade with 47 percent of exports consisting of re-exports.

Export Products
-Integrated Circuits -Computers -Computer parts and Accessories -Crude oil -Ship and Aircraft bunkers

Product Policy in Singapore

If you want to imports goods from overseas to retail in Singapore, you are required to apply for both import permits and licenses for controlled goods. To begin, you will need to make sure your business is already registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA). Your business, may be retail, must register as a sole proprietorship, partnership or a private limited company. Two more things have to happen before you can start importing foods to in Singapore. First, after you have the business registered with ACRA, you will then activate your Custom Accounts using ACRA assigned Unique Entity Number (UEN) and Singpass. Second, you will have to be registered as a trader with Singapore Customs. As a trader you will be able to apply for permits using TradeNet for each shipment of goods.

Singapore Member
WTO ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA), ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand FTA (AANZFTA) ASEAN-China FTA (ACFTA) ASEAN-India FTA (AIFTA) ASEAN-Japan Comprehension Economic Partner (AJCEP) ASEAN-Korea FTA (AKFTA)

Asean Free Trade Areas(AFTA)

The primary goals of AFTA seek to: Increase ASEAN's competitive edge as a production base in the world market through the elimination, within ASEAN, of tariffs and non-tariff barriers; and Attract more foreign direct investment to ASEAN.

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