General Features: Fragmentation Discontinuity Indeterminacy Plurality Metafictionality Heterogeneity Intertextuality Decentredness Dislocation Ludism



Dislocation .

POMO FICTION a.a.k. Surfiction/critifiction (Raymond Federman) Metafiction (Patricia Waugh) Fabulation/structural fabulation (Robert Scholes) Historiographic metafiction (Linda Hutcheon) Superfiction/transfiction/anti-realist fiction (Christopher Nash) .

Raymond Federman .

Patricia Waugh .

Robert Scholes .

Linda Hutcheon .

POMO FICTION Questions the distinction between fiction-non-fiction the distinction between history-mythology -other kinds of writing the concepts of liberal humanism .

LIBERAL HUMANISM E.g. autonomy transcendence certainty authority unity totalization system (Linda Hutcheon) .

a way of relieving anxiety of making life bearable) Cognition (“to know ourselves and our existential situation” offering “a record of experience or a picture of real life) (Robert Scholes) .POMO FICTION Functions of the fiction : Sublimation (“a way of turning our concerns into satisfying shape.

POMO FICTION Historical writing (development from/rejection of some aspects of modernism) Philosophical writing (related to poststructuralist undecidability of meaning and constructedness of reality/world through language) .

POMO FICTION Ideological/pedagogical writing (to “problematize reality”. to ”unsettle the reader’s sense of reality”) Textual writing (metafictional strategies) (John Mepham) .

POMO FICTION Features : Contradiction/permutation/choice Discontinuity due to lack of causation Randomness due to lack of authorial guide in role of God/destiny Excess Short circuit (breaking the frame/exposing literary conventions (David Lodge) .

David Lodge .

POMO FICTION Its reaction to the austere autonomy of high modernism turns into embracing the language of commerce and the commodity Its stance is that of a playful/ironizing/selfironizing/schizoid artefact a pastiche .

POMO TEXTS Depend on The reader’s ability to give meaning/a coherent frame to disjunctive/fragmentary/refractory details The reader’s capacity to comprehend the constructedness of all writing/composition The reader’s potential to realize the impossibility of the texts to render the truth The reader’s intellect to process the textual strategies in decoding meaning (intertextual competence) .

INTERTEXTUALITY Ironical (Parody) Copy Plagiarism Pastiche Palimpsest Simulation Echo Quotation .

INTERTEXTUALITY Arthur Kroker: pomo fiction is a site of Conflicting citations Absorptions of other texts Transformations of other texts Unmaking/deconstructing codes Opening of spaces and fractures Ludic freedom of combinations Self-discovery in a joyous/playful manner .

Arthur Kroker .

Johnson Christine Brooke-Rose Andrew Sinclair Julian Mitchell D. S. M. Thomas Lawrence Norfolk Martin Amis Angela Carter Malcolm Bradbury etc .BRITISH POMO NOVELISTS Samuel Beckett (in-between) Salman Rushdie John Fowles Alasdair Gray B.

Beckett .S.

S.Rushdie .

John Fowles .

Alasdair Gray .

Johnson .S.B.

Christine Brooke-Rose .

Andrew Sinclair .

Julian Mitchell .

M.D.Thomas .

Lawrence Norfolk .

Martin Amis .

Angela Carter .

Malcolm Bradbury .

Changing shape Minimalist K-Mart_Fiction of the late 20 th century Cyberpunk fiction Hi-Tech Fiction Sudden Fiction Illuminated Fiction Transfiction (Raymond Federman) .

Cyberpunk fiction .

Hi-tech fiction .

Transfiction .

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