Managing Travel Business

UNIT 1 TRAVEL AGENCY & TOUR OPERATION BUSINESS History and growth of travel agency.  Approval to travel agency by Department of Tourism  IATA rules and regulations for approval of travel agency  .  How travel agency operates.  Definition of travel agency and difference between travel agency and tour operation business.

UNIT 2 FUNCTIONS OF TRAVEL AGENT & TOUR OPERATOR Understanding functions of travel agency  Source of income of travel agency  Popular travel trade abbreviations and terms  Functions of a tour operator  Sources of income of a tour operator  Organization structure of a travel agency  Case study on various travel agency and tour operation business  .

etc. working area. agency’s internal environment.UNIT 3 Preparing for work in travel operation: appearance of staff.  Filing system in a travel agency  Effective communication in travel agency  Services provided by domestic counter  Concept of tour itinerary and preparation of tour itinerary. types of accommodations  Tour costing  .

PTA.UNIT 4 TRAVEL FORMALITIES           Passport Visa Taxes Customs Currency Travel insurance Services provided by international counter Travel related vouchers like MCO. PSR etc Procedure for domestic and international hotel reservations/cancellations. preparation of hotel and other service vouchers etc RBI guidelines regarding foreign exchange transactions .