System Architecture .



Building Management system  HVAC system management  Exhaust & Ventilation system management  Electrical Management System & DG Monitoring  Water Management/ Pumping System  Lighting Management System in common areas  Time based sprinkler control  Lift Monitoring .

cooling tower – on/off as per requirement & its status . . pumps. Auto Manual  Valves – ON/OFF as per requirement & its Status  Supply/ return temperature of header pipes  MODBUS integration of chiller & Secondary pump VFD & monitoring the working parameters.HVAC system management  PLANT ROOM SIDE  Chiller. Trip .


EXHAUST & VENTILATION SYSTEM On/off as per requirement.  VFD Integration through MODBUS & controlling. HRW  On/off as per requirement  Controlling of inside temperature. TFA. monitoring the Status . AHU.  Fire Damper feedback monitoring.


 Diesel Tank Monitoring & Transfer pump ON/OFF  MODBUS integration of Multi Function Energy Meters .Electrical Management System & DG Monitoring  MODBUS integration of DG & monitoring the working parameters. .

Status  Ambient Lux Sensing & Controlling the light. ACB Status. HT Line Incomer Breaker. monitoring  LT Panel ON/OFF. Status. Lux Sensor LT Panel . Power factor measurement  Lighting DB ON/OFF. Trip. Voltage Measurement .

Water Management/ Pumping System  Tank Level Monitoring  Switching on/off of pumps to maintain required tank level & its status  Sensing the line pressure of pressurized lines. Tank Level Sensor Pressure Sensor .

fireman switch status etc. alarm status. under maintenance status.Lift Monitoring  Lift Monitoring through Modbus including floor status.  Lift  MODBUS connectivity  BMS PC .

Time based sprinkler control  Sprinkler irrigation system can be automated using a Time schedule facility available in the BMS.  Sprinkler  Pumps/valves  Controller with MODBUS connectivity  BMS PC .

THIRD PARTY INTEGRATION  Chiller System  Secondary Pumping System  DG System  DG Synchronization panel  Lift / Elevator System  Fire Alarm System  Car Park ventilation system  Variable Frequency Drives for AHU’s  Multi Function Energy Meters  Water Meters  Sprinkler Control Panel .

BMS SCREEN SHOTS Plant Viewer Time scheduler Trend Viewer Alarm Viewer .

operation charges. BTU Meter .TENANT BILLING SYSTEM  AC Billing AC billing is based on the BTU Consumption and arriving the monthly electricity consumption based on various energy meters readings including other common service charges like maintenance cost. water consumption. estate management etc.

 Electrical Energy Billing The electrical energy consumption can be monitored using Multi Function Energy Meters with MODBUS connectivity. [KWH. .PF.THDI etc] Water Billing Water consumption can be monitored for each client using flow meters that are compatible to BMS system.