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Seminar on

Latest trends in automotive engineering and technology

Presented By: Debasish Porey Dept:Mechanical Engg. Haldia Institute of Technology Roll No: 09103007023

Much research is complete this technology is ongoing and it may be too long before people become drivers of the past.INTRODUCTION Currently. Recent advances in robotics and GPS technologies. it will bring an improvement in the automotive industry as well. as technology improves. All you need do is tell the car where you want to go and the car does the rest. and each year something new and different. technology has advanced at a pace and Therefore. . As technology has come a whole new world.

software and safety engineering as applied to the design. buses and trucks and their respective engineering subsystems. manufacture and operation of motorcycles.What is automotive engineering? automotive engineering. . electrical. is a branch of engineering. electronic. incorporating elements of mechanical. automobiles.

Aerodynamically design vehicle .

ATFT Technology Engine . 2. increase in efficiency can be obtain by designing better engines. In order to combat climate change there must be reduction in pollution. The performance can be increase by employing the below mentioned design 1. Fuel Efficient Engine Designs Low compression diesel.Modern engine designing About 60% of pollution is created by automobile emissions. 3.

Simplicity of the Yoke-Arm for Such Large Performance Benefits . This modification decreases piston rod angularity and the associated piston friction.Fuel Efficient Engine Designs This new arrangement uses a unique yoke-arm which substantially increases piston dwell during combustion to significantly increase combustion efficiencies.

 Eliminate the need for spark plugs. typically used for burning gasoline. or a heavier fuel like (bio)diesel. Low compression engine.Low compression diesel The pistons modified to carry a chemical charge that initiates combustion from one cycle to the next. can be designed to burn either a lighter alcohol fuel like ethanol. . It can increase the efficiency at least 25%.

ATFT tech was introduced by one of the auto legend Hero Honda. . Tumble flow means an air flow circulating in the direction of the cylinder axis.ATFT Technology Engine  Advance Tumble Flow Induction Technology is the process by virtue of which fuel air mixture can be burnt completely inside the combustion chamber.

It basically means that in addition to electronic control over fuel injection and spark timing. the engine has control over the times the intake/exhaust valves open and close. Vvt-i engine is designed to consume less fuel compared to non-vvt-i engine .Proper Ignition of fuel VVT-I VVT-i means the Variable Valve timing -ignition system.

CVT can provide better fuel economy.Continuously Variable Transmission A continuously variable transmission is an automatic that can select any desired drive ratio within its operating range. a CVT does not strictly require the presence of a clutch. A Chain-driven CVT .

For safety the below safety features is add in automotive design present days: (a) (b) (c) (d) Pre Crash System Air Bags Antilock Brake System Global Positioning System .

Airbag .

ABS System .

This makes the journey comfortable and safe.Conclusion The modern features in automobiles have made automobile step up to the design of Ultimate vehicles. . In future more evolution will make the vehicle ultimate. The various safety feature have made the vehicles more safe and comfortable.