He is a special needs’ student. WHAT MODELS THAT WE CAN USE? . firmness. power and control.• Classroom discipline model . . . roughness • Reality Therapy . free or fun. . .David did not seeking for love.Punish him when he did mistakes • Assertive Discipline Model –  .Consequences that David face if he did mistakes • Logical consequences Model.David seems to seek attention from Robert • Group management .Use of clarity.

Did not turn in his assignments • .Stealing Bob’s watch .PROBLEMS OF DAVID • .Make noise in the classroom • .Yelling to Robert that he wants back his old class and his old teacher • .Throwing his books and pencil to the floor • .

WHAT THE MODELS REQUIRED… PROBLEMS .David did not turn in his assignment .Stole Bob’s watch MODELS Behaviour modification model – Skinner = praise when David did well.David made noises in the classroom while Teaching and Learning processes.He dropped the books loudly and probed noisily in his desks for his lost objects . punish him if he did the mistakes = Robert must outline David’s behaviour that needs special attention STRATEGIES .Ask him to give back Bob’s watch and seek for forgiveness .Punish him like keeping him from recess for mot completing his assignments . .

. .Establish clear rules in the classroom like “Do not throw your books to the floor” and “ do not make noise in the classroom” .David threw the books and pencils to the floor. Assertive Discipline Model. . Robert can state the consequences from that like “ cleaning the classroom every morning. Robert understand what David want. he must have the David understand what consequences from his Robert’s wants and action.Make a positive Canter student-teacher = if David did not follow relationship so that the rules. If the students fail to obey the rules...” .David did not turn in his Math assignments.David make noises in the classroom.

making noises. . = Robert must understand that David comes from class which are so different with his class. Logical Consequences Model.Example: (by doing some conversation from David.David usually ask for his old class and his old teacher. . Robert have to ask for his explanation on why he wants those things and also why he misbehave in his classroom.David like to create problems in class like did not turn in his assignments. In his classroom. yelling to Robert that he want back his old class and his old teacher. Robert knows why he did not turn in his mathematics assignments. he did not like the way of his group member who likes to do well in the assignments. This is because. It fussed David.Dreikurs = David’s misbehaviour must probably because he wants to seek for attention from Robert. a teacher in only taking care of five children . while Robert has to take care of 25 children in his classroom. .