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Vocabulary Activity 4 /5 Grade

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This exercise is planned for 4th/5th grade special education students. It is designed to meet their instructional level, achieve permanence of information, and keep them engaged. On the preview day of the story, the power-point will be shown; the pronunciation, definition and how to use in a sentence will be explored.

The next day, as an “Entrance Ticket,” the students with find either a word or definition on their desk. They must engage with each other and find the appropriate match. The powerpoint is briefly reviewed. Day three and four we read the story. They will repeat the entrance ticket activity on day three. (This is a short story). Vocabulary will take two columns in a “Jeopardy” review game on day five and the test including vocabulary is administered.

Vocabulary For “The Great Kapok Tree”

 Smol-der- ing- burning and smoking


without flames.  The smoldering bushes were filled with ashes.

 Ox-y-gen- a gas that makes up about one-


fifth of Earth’s atmosphere and that animals must breathe to live.  We all need oxygen to live and breathe.

 An-ces-tor-somone from long ago who is a


direct relation to you.  Long, long ago, your ancestors may have traveled to the U.S. from another country.

 Wi-ther- to dry up or shrivel up.  A plant may wither and die, when it does


not get enough light.

 pol-li-nate pollen is transferred into

reproduction of plants  Without bees to pollinate flowers, our crops would be in trouble.

 Dang-le to hang or swing loosely.  Shaniah’s feet dangled off the top bunk


 Cling-ing- to hold on tight.  The little boy was clinging tightly, to his

mothers’ waist.