VC++ Splitter Windows & DLL

Splitter Window
A frame window splitted into several view panes Class: CSplitterWnd

Types: 1. Static splitter window(it can split the window at the time of window is created, after splitting we cannot change the size of the window) 2. Dynamic splitter window(split the window at any time ,after splitting we can change the size of the window also)

CsplitterWnd Methods..
• Bool CreateStatic ( Cwnd *parentwnd,// parent frame window Int rows,//number of rows Int cols, //no of cols );

• This method is used to create static splitter window

CSplitterWnd methods
• Bool create( Cwnd* parentwnd,//parent frame window Int rows, //no of rows Int cols,//no of cols Size s, //size of the pane Ccreatecontext * p //str variable it hold cruntime class member Which is responsible for dynamic splitting ); • This method used to create dynamic splitter window

Steps: Dynamic splitter window .

Select advanced button… .

Enable use split window option in window style tab .

View menu split option added use it. Drag the adjust the size of the window .

MainFrm. CCreateContext* pContext) { return m_wndSplitter. 10).cpp • BOOL CMainFrame::OnCreateClient(LPCREATESTRUCT /*lpcs*/.Create(this. //adjust col CSize(10.//main window 2. //adjust size of the pane pContext //ccreatecontext str var ).cpp class file . //adjust row 2. } • If we want to add any text to the window add text to theondraw method present in the view.

Dynamic linked library Library 1.Static library In the linking file linked with all associated library file and create a executable file with linked libraries (before loading into the memory all libraries are linked) 2.Dynamic library At the time loading into the memory the library will be linked .

use that dll file in the dialog or other appln .Dynamic Linked Libraries  DLL program(MFC app wizard dll) create dll file  Another program (MFC app wizard exe) .

. The directive should be added before the function prototype.  It will produce dll file and lib file in debug folder.  Copied into folder in which program we can use the dll file .int b).DLL  Dll program. • A MFC dll program can export a methods .  Execute dll program. class variables into dll file • • Mark the function prototype ( if it is class function constructor and destructor also marked)using dll export directive __declspec(dllexport) export directive marked as a function that are exported into dll file Ex: __declspec(dllexport)int add(int a..variables class methods..

Dll Program1: Dll program generate Dll file & lib file Program2: copied dll file into that debug folder and use it  .

Program1: create dll .

Select regular dll using shared mfc dll .

so add our user defined class ..Insert->new class->Create generic class In this program we export class method and variables.

Add method and member variable .

Add dll export directive to the function prototype .

Implement the function .

Execute program function will be exported in the dll file(debug folder) .

Program2: .

Add components to that form .

Add header file info dlg. 1. place class header file area.h (copied from dll program) place it to dialog program folder(avoid compilation error) 3.h #include “ the dll and library file to that diloag program debug folder 2.Cont.h” .

4.Project ->settings->link tab->output/lib modules(add lib file path) .

// we invoke class method so we need to create object //rad and result are dialog variables result=obj. UpdateData(false). • } .Call the dll function use it • • • • • • • • • void CTestclientDlg::OnButton1() { // TODO: Add your control notification handler code here UpdateData(true). Carea obj.circle_area(rad).

Database access through odbc • MFC Class used : • CrecordSet • Cdatabase .

Crecordset methods • • • • • • • • Add new() Edit() Update() Delete() Moveprev() Movenext() Movelast() Movefirst() .

) BeginTrans().Cdatabase Crecordset( Cdatabase *pdatabase=NULL. Committrans() Rollback() . Executesql(“string sql query”).

.Cont. • Create msaccess database file • Use obcdad32 assign dsn name for that Two columns Table name book • Bname.cost .

Use app wizard .

Select sdi and doc view architecture .

Select database view with file support .

Selet datasource button add table using odbc dsn name .

set.Following table member will be added automatically we can use it(.h) ..

.h we use it. .Cdbaseset object also created inView.

M_pset->update().Add • Add(){ • • • • • Updatedata(true). M_pset->m_bname=val1 M_pset->cost=val2. • } . M_pset->addnew().

M_pset->m_bname=val1 M_pset->cost=val2. M_pset->edit().edit • edit(){ • • • • • Updatedata(true). • } . M_pset->update().

M_pset->m_bname=val1 M_pset->cost=val2.delete • delete(){ • • • • Updatedata(true). M_pset->delete(). • } .

• Val1=M_pset->m_bname. • UpdateData(false). • } • Similar way prev. • Val2=M_pset->cost.movefirst • movefirst(){ • M_pset->movefirst().last .next.

• M_pset->m_pdatabase->committrans(). • M_pset->m_pdatabase->executesql(insert into book values(“java”. • M_pset->m_pdatabase->rollback().Execute sql • Sql(){ • M_pset->m_pdatabase->begintrans().”100”)).//catch block use it for undo • } .

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