The Status of Minnesota’s Groundwater

Jason Moeckel, DNR Dale Setterholm, MGS Glenn Skuta, MPCA Bruce Montgomery, MDA Joe Zachmann, MDA Chris Elvrum, MDH Keith Buttleman, Metropolitan Council Jim Sehl, DNR James Stark, USGS

The Problem…
• There are places in Minnesota where we are not achieving sustainability of our groundwater resources and “we” are currently making decisions with a lack of information • Key Risks
– Over use – Contamination

Minnesota’s Drinking Water Sources

Surface Water 1.3 million

Private Wells 1.2 million

75 % from groundwater; drought plan for surface water = groundwater

Municipal Groundwater 2.7 million people

• “I didn’t think it was possible to run out of water in the land of 10,000 lakes. We’ve never had any problem before in the 14 years I’ve lived here," Mackay said, adding that at least four of her neighbors have had wells run dry in recent weeks.

Minnesota’s Drinking Water

• Community Surface Water Supplies

Minnesota’s Drinking Water

• Community Ground Water Supplies

Minnesota’s Drinking Water

• Private Wells

Groundwater Provinces:

A complex resource!

Twin Cities Drinking Water
• Surface Water Supplies • Ground Water Supplies
• Private Wells

West Metro (‘45 – ‘12)

Ground water withdrawal affects surface water and ground water users

water supply interference

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