Angharad Ball, Megan Cass, Megan Joyce, Niamh Carr

• The music is quite dark/eerie adding to the characters stories suggesting that there is something haunting about the story. Starts out with slow violins creating a sinister atmosphere. Diegetic synchronous sound of the car crash sound stabbing and lawn mower makes the action seem methodical due to the synchronous aspect, could be reflective of the actions and attributes of the characters. Drum – the beat slowly enters building tension combined with the screams makes the viewer unsettled and on edge throughout. • •

Girly yet sinister laugh brings audience back to reality making them slightly on edge.
High pitch laugh of a clown is disturbing for the audience as it is not a conventional laugh, adhering to the conventions of horror. Camera click is the last sound to be heard, creating a sense of anxiousness amongst the viewer as the sounds with the images force the viewer to use their imagination.

• The non-continuity style of editing adds to the horror convention combined with the effect which makes it seem self-filmed like a home video’. • The insert shots of the photographs combined with the footage creates an eerie atmosphere and is similar to forensic activity. • The switches between footage and images combined with the visual effects, slow motion and sound effects add to the creepy nature of the opening title and zone in on the gory aspects of the sequence.

• Costume- old fashioned possibly indicating, stuck in another time, which would indicate there is more mystery in the death. • The low lighting in opening frame could be suggestive of an old styled prison cell or possibly hospital- indicating isolation and entrapment. • Ironically the eerie low lighting creates a sense of warmth and comfort , in the picture possibly demonstration that there is a warmth and homely side to death after suffering. • the distorted make up in this shot could display the childlike innocence and also, exposes the vulnerability of this suicide victim.

• Through the domesticated setting of the suburban household and car, with the horrific image beneath, it makes the picture seem even more eerie due to the fact, that it puts the fear into the homes of the audience, alluding to the physiological thriller form. • The unsettling image of the Freezer seems, very disturbing, as it is once again a domesticated environment, however through the use of "storage" it removes the humanity from the victim , therefore making them seem more animalistic , which could be a signifier of the rest of the film. • The “Cold” imagery of the chilling Blood bags and raw meet, is also significant to death and inhumane mythical creatures

• The black and white effect on this image , with the distorted hand written lettering over the victims face, appears to convey the idea of a vulnerable young woman and the idea that the killer may have "played" with the victim before hand.

• The shift here juxtaposes against the first frame, as the lack of lighting creates a cold, atmosphere to indicate the shift in the opening, demonstrating a rather more goory scene, alluding to the slasher genre. The purity and innocence of the victim is conveyed through, the angelic white dress however this is contrasted with weaponry stylised, belt across the chest. • The dramatic make up is also significant of a brutal ending.

• This rather unnerving image, sets up an unsettling sub-context for the audience, making them question the event that have previously occurs. the typography of the hand written letter here, adopts a very troubling, image as the distorted childlike lettering, could propose a vulnerable innocence, but also a concluding confidence. • Because of the use of "thanks" it again makes the, final words/letter seem normal as though it could be considered an every day occurrence. therefore making the image even more worrying placing the audience in an uncomfortable position.

Camera Angles
• A variety of Camera angles are used in the opening sequence to Ginger Snaps, it varies from long shots, high angle shots, Close up shots and Medium shots. At the beginning of the sequence medium shots and close up shots are very dominant this is effective because it gives the story the element of surprise and keeps the audience on there toes. John Fawcett has used these two shots to keep the intensity high.

A close up shot is positioned at a high angle to position the audience with the killer, we our overlooking the killers work therefore positioning ourselves with him, John Fawcett uses this throughout the opening sequence.

John Fawcett has used a high angle shot here, this is effective because it gives the opening sequence an omniscient element, this alligns the audience once again with the killer and makes it seem that its out of control.

Here we are presented with the high angle shot, this once again alligns not only with the killer but almost as the killer. This is effective because are introduced into another dimension of the audience questioning themselves.

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