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Presented by :- Ankush Gupta Abhinav Upadhyay Ankesh Dave Ankit Dubey

Executive Summary
Blend of Indian, Mughlai, Italian, Chinese, Continental Located in the booming, and rapidly expanding city of Noida Menu inspired from different countries Seven days a week Automated Ordering System via tablet Hiring of experienced staff

Fund Raising
Secured loans- 12,000,000 at an interest rate of 12% The loan will be used towards Equipment purchase, Design, Construction, and Operational Start-Up expenses.
Unsecured Loans 3,000,000 at rate of 6 % Owners will contribute- 5,000,000

Financial Success
We believe this will be achieved by offering high-quality service and excellent food with an interesting twist. Start-up expenditure 18,200,000 Current Assets Lease deposit- 58,00,000 Furnishing and Interior 22,00,000 Support Equipments 20,00,000 Licensing 7,00,000 Operational Reserve 18,00,000


Entrepreneurs personal resources

Financial institutions

Angel investors

Financing Options

Unusual resources

Venture capitalists

Great tasting food, but have efficient and friendly service
Our concept combines variety, ambiance, entertainment and a superior staff to create a sense of 'place' in order to reach our goal of overall value in the dining/entertainment experience. Choice for all families and singles, young and old, male or female Employee welfare

Keeping food cost under 35% revenue.
Keeping employee labor cost between 25-30% of revenue. Stay in the restaurant business with excellent food and service. Expand our marketing and advertising in neighboring cities viz. NCR region

Promoting and expanding the Zara restaurant concept as a unique Midtown destination restaurant

Keys to success
Unique and innovative fine dining atmosphere
Great food, great service and atmosphere. Spice Of Life Menu - Appeal to a wide and varied clientele. Public relations Controlling costs at all times without exception

Future Plan
If the business is meeting its projections in an year than, we will start scouting for a second location and develop plans for the next unit. 5 Year Plan 3 restaurants in different parts of the country like Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai etc.

Although the restaurant industry is very competitive, the lifestyle changes created by modern living continue to fuel its steady growth.

Company Description
Vision: Extraordinary dining experience Aim to be the best in the multi cuisine restaurant business

Company ownership: Partnership Firm Each partner will have a holding of 25%
Company location: Sector 125, Noida

Company Description
Basic product offering : Italian, Chinese, Indian & Continental Healthy food (low fat, low cholesterol) Markets to be served: Students Couples / families Destination customers Working class singles Business persons Tourists

Formalities & expenses Registration of the company Licensing Furnishing Electrical Fitting Kitchen and Crockery Insurance Risks & liabilities Not able to break even at the expected time Repayment of loans Unlimited liabilities of the partners.

Competition/Competitive Advantage
Direct Competition Desi Vibes Punjabi by Nature My way Or The high way The Great Kabab Factory Advantages Location Multi Cuisine Expert Management Team

Competitive Edge
Motley will leverage its multi-pronged competitive edge to quickly gain market share. Our competitive edge is the menu, the chef, the environment, the management, the service and our friendly place. The chef has an excellent taste for what fine dining is and requires Our environment is elegant and comfortable and our decor is warm and relaxing.

Marketing Strategy Sell For TomorrowNot just Today

Print media advertising Flyers Entertainment book coupons Mass Media Vehicles Billboards E- business

Sales Strategy
Words Of Mouth Discount Coupons Free Home Delivery Concentrating on the customer's experience Offer various specials throughout the week that people can come to enjoy.

7 Ps of Restaurant
Product marketing deals with marketing the product to prospects, customers, and others. The products being offered at Motley are-a cosmopolitan flair, comfortable atmosphere, striking dcor, entertainment, engaging clientele along with an international menu comprising of multi- cuisines: INDIAN, ITALIAN , CONTINENTAL and CHINESE. Motley will be the only restaurant among all the competition which focuses the entire menu on healthy and low-fat cooking


Pricing is one of the most important elements of the marketing mix, as it is the only mix, which generates a turnover for the organization.
It costs to produce and design a product, it costs to distribute a product and costs to promote it.

The pricing strategies that we at Motley will be considering during the preparation of the menu are- Competition pricing Product Line Pricing Premium pricing

This refers to how an organization will distribute the service they are offering to the end user. The organization must distribute the service to the user at the right place and at the right time. Motley is located at Palm Spring, Malad.

An essential ingredient to any service provision is the use of appropriate staff and people. The staff at Motley is efficiently and well trained to serve the guests in the best possible way. Our staff is well trained to give to our customers high quality of personal service. The service delivered by our employees is a very important element of value. It is also an area where we can distinguish our selves.

This refers to the systems that are used to assist the organization in delivering the service. A big emphasis is being placed on extensive research into the quality and integrity of our products. They will constantly be tested for our own high standards of freshness and purity.

PROMOTION: Promotion involves disseminating information about a service, product line, brand, or company. Promotion is generally sub-divided into two parts: Above the line promotion Below the line promotion PHYSICAL EVIDENCE: Physical Evidence is the element of the service mix which allows the consumer again to make judgments on the organization. Physical evidence is an essential ingredient of the service mix. Consumers will make perceptions based on their sight of the service provision which will have an impact on the organizations perceptual plan of the service.


Motley focuses on local and tourist restaurant seekers. People that have a desire for good food and a fascinating atmosphere. The market customers for Motley would develop from: Local Neighborhood Marketing Program Customer Frequent Diner Loyalty Program

Suggestive Selling Program to increase average check

Tremendous growth in upper level family income

The Business Man Happy Couples

The Family
High-end Singles Tourists

Entry into the market should not be a problem. Restaurant has high visibility with heavy foot traffic all day long. The local residents and students always support new restaurants and the tourists do not have fixed preferences.

In addition, Rs.4,00,000 has been budgeted for a pre-opening advertising and public relations campaign.


The restaurant industry is highly competitive and risky. Most new restaurants opened by inexperienced owners struggle or fail.

However, those based on solid understandings of the market needs have a much higher chance of success.
Restaurants make money by taking inexpensive ingredients, combining them in creative ways, cooking them properly, and selling them at a much higher price


Market Feasibility Study

A market feasibility study is essential to gauge the practicality, prospects, potential of the project, and therefore its feasibility We obtained an online sample of a survey conducted to gauge the tastes and preferences of city goers. The survey was done on about 120 people residents of Mumbai between 16 and 21 years. From the survey, we came up with a SWOT analysis and marketing strategy to follow.

STRENGHTS First mover advantage Economies of Scale Varieties of food of the cuisine Large number of bachelors/students/IT professionals Catering to a wide range of people No good restaurant near the location

High cost of operation Not from a known group

Competition Difficulty In obtaining licenses

New restaurants in other parts of the city Offer greater variety

High growth of the Hospitality Industry and tourism

Rising standard of living

Other concept restaurants People may be restrictive

High attrition rate.

Based on the questionnaire, following feedback was obtained: People look for customer service most, followed by dcor.

People mind spending more money, even if they are offered quality of service
3/4th of the people surveyed visit a restaurants at least once a week.

They prefer Indian cuisine the most, followed by Chinese, Italian and others They look forward to new dining experiences given the opportunity While choosing a restaurant, customers are price conscious.


Customer access Nearby business Population Population growth Economic conditions General business factors

Support equipments:
Chimney Air Conditioner Music System Computers Water Filters Softwares for data analysis

Main equipments in kitchen:

Heaters Stoves Fridges Griller Chillers Trolleys Microwaves Mixers


ISO 9000-the only available internationally accepted standard for quality management system Applicable to all kinds of organization of industries in manufacturing or service sector. Systematic standardization and certifications

That allows complete freedom on selection and use of processes and framing of operating procedures an work instructions

Place order


Give the order to chef

Get drinks for customer Deliver salad or soup order to customer Deliver dinner to customer Deliver check to customer Cash Bring change to customer

Cash or Credit Credit Return credit slip to customer

Collect signed slip

Close table and collect tip



Good health and stamina Keen sense of taste and smell Excellent hand/eye co-ordination Good memory for details Artistic and creative talent Excellent communication skills, interpersonal skills and teambuilding skills Ability to remain calm in hectic circumstances Excellent organizational skills Desire to do a precise and thorough job

Main chef Chef (15000*2) Helper (7500*3) Waiter (5000*10) Manager Cleaning staff (2000*2) Total Security (3000*3) For three floors for 365 days -500000 -300000 -22500 -50000 -12000 -4000 -161000 -9000 -6066000


Creating new recipes to please customers Hiring and supervising kitchen staff Estimating labour and food costs and altering menus to stay within budget Meeting with customers regarding menus for special occasions such as weddings, birthday parties and banquets Arranging for equipment purchases and repairs Checking the quality of raw and cooked food products Ensuring that sanitation standards are maintained Assisting with staff development and training Meeting with other managers in the organization


Goals Strategies Milestones Risk Evaluation Exit plan


Motley is an innovative concept that targets a new, growing market.

We assume that the market will respond, and grow quickly in the next 5 years.
Our goals are to create a reputation of quality, consistency and security (safety of food) that will make us the leader of a new style of dining.

Our marketing efforts will be concentrated on take-out and delivery, the areas of most promising growth. The market changes, new products may be added to maintain sales

After the restaurant opens, we will keep a close eye on sales and profit. If we are on target at the end of year 1, we will look to expand to a second unit.

Risk Evaluation
The success of our project hinges on the strength and acceptance of a fairly new market. After year 1, we expect some copycat competition in the form of other independent units. Chain competition will be much later.

Exit Plan
Ideally, Motley will expand to five units in the next 10 years.
At that time, we will entertain the possibility of a buy-out by a larger restaurant concern or actively seek to sell to a new owner.