The Three Little Wolves and the Big, Bad Pig!

By Rhylee McGregor & Gabrielle Saunt!

Year 4 Glenham School

One day their mother said “it’s time for you little wolves to go and find your own houses.” So the three little wolves packed their stuff. .Page one Once upon time there was three little wolves and their mother.

. The man said “ what will you give me?” The man was very poor so the little wolf gave him some money. some money. some glue and clothes. The first little wolf found a nice shady place in the woods so he built his house there out of sticks and glue.Page two The first little wolf had packed some oranges. The first little wolf asked the man if he could have the sticks. On the way he saw a young man with some sticks in a wheelbarrow.

. In the forest she met a little girl with some straw.Page three The second little wolf packed some sandwiches. clothes and jam.

” .Page four The second little wolf asked “can I please have that straw?” “What will you give me because me and my mum have had no breakfast?” “I have some sandwiches. would you like them?” “Yes please.

. Then the second wolf found a nice little place by the beach to build her house. So she built it out of straw and the jam she had.Page five So they swapped.

money and some clothes. house for sale $200.Page six The third little wolf packed some apples. On the way he saw a boy shouting out “ House for sale.” .

Page seven The third little wolf thought to himself“that's a good idea.” Then he asked the boy “can I please have that house?” “ That’s $200 thank you.” .

can I give you something else to go with the money?” “Yes.” So they swapped. because I haven’t had any lunch?” “ Yes I have some apples. do you have any food. .Page eight The Little Wolf said “I don’t have enough money.

Page nine The third little wolf settled into his nice village. He was so excited he tripped up. .

” “Not by the fur of my chiny chin chin.” “Then I’ll snort and I’ll snuff till I blow your house down”.Page ten The First little wolf was singing a song to himself “lalalalalaldedededeyah. bad pig he said “little wolf. .” Then came along the big. let me come in. little wolf.

two. So the first little wolf ran as fast as his legs could run to the second little wolf’s house. . three. huff.Page eleven The pig went “ One.” The big bad pig had blown the first little wolf’s house to the ground.

” The second little wolves house was on the ground so they ran to the third little wolves house.Page twelve Then came along the big bad pig. The big bad pig said “little wolves little wolves let me come in.” One two three huff.” “Then I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down. .” “Not by the hair of our chinny chin chins.

three. two.” One. . let me come in. little wolves.” “ Not by the whiskers of our chinny chin chins.Page thirteen Then the big bad pig went to the third little wolf’s house and said. huff.” “Then I’ll huff and I’ll puff until I blow your house down.” The big bad pig could not blow the third little wolf’s house down." little wolves.

” Then he fell to the ground.” Then the third little wolf bit the big bad pig’s leg. show me what you’ve got.” “Oh yeah.Page fourteen Then the third little wolf went outside and said to the big bad pig “ You're not scary. . bring it on. Then big bad pig went “Oww.

. the three little wolves lived happily ever after.” Then that was the end of the big bad pig. we have got pork and bacon for dinner. The End! Oh and by the way.Page fifteen Then the first and second little wolves came out and said “ yah.