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Sugar Bowl

Group Members: BBA-8


Preparing Transformation

Gary Spaldings Shirley Smith Daniel Sinclair

Analyzing local and international markets Customer trends Michael Burke

Getting the most profitability out of the capacity of 150 people Cost saving at every turn Hired Mike walker, a relatively inexperienced but cheaper contractor

Food & Beverages

The business already had licenses for serving alcohol and hot and cold food Choose catering over installing a kitchen

Renovation & opening

Plans have a way of going awry in implementation stage

Hiring a general manager

When micro managing got impossible for Givens she had to hire Petty

The pricing was done keeping the rates at High Rollers in mind

3 divisions:
1. Restaurant Operations-Petty 2. Bowling Operations and Sales-Givens 3. Tracking of receipts and depositsGary Spalding

Higher levels of shrinkage controls due to young employees Pettys proposed management controls

Marketing for Grand Opening

Use of direct mails, online ads and social media channels for advertising Low-cost, attention grabbing PR activity

2011/12 Operations

Attendance fluctuations ranging from 425 customers to a minimum 100 customers at times Average for Thurs-Sunday fell to 35% and Mon-Wed only 15% Waiters started quitting jobs Machinery for two lanes also malfunctioned

Customer Experience
Givens interacted personally with the customers asking about their experience and their complaints
85% responded with most favorable rating

Private Events
Charlie Campbell replaced Smith Within a month he booked two private events and substantive contact with HR managers Mondays and Tuesday nights designated for private events

Gaining Momentum
Revenues started growing as word spread among graduate students and young professionals Average spending climbed to $45 with 60% capacity on Thurs-Sun nights

Strategic Partnerships
Two options:
1. League Bowling 2. Exclusive Band Rights

April 2012
Two offers:
1. Offer of $1 million by investor for starting point of negotiations 2. New York consulting firms offer of leading a group to Givens

Pondering the Future

Loans Customers per day Wednesday nights: singles bowl vs. zulu Monday and Tuesday: permanent close Changing Trends