National Foods Pakistan.

Group members: Anam Javaid Ayesha Nayyer Madeeha Hafeez

     Part 1 Brand Analysis History of the firm and brand. Positioning Competitors.Over view of presentation. Characteristics of people who use this brand. . Right and wrong doings. Segmenting and targeting.

   Part 2 Brand development Relaunch of the brand with new features. How to beat the competition? .Continue…. Addition and deletion in the brand.

National Jams. N.   . 19922002. 1981-91. International distribution. Mission and vision statements.     History can be divide into 3 phases: 1970-80.F. Variety in flavors. Products offered by National Foods.Part 1 History of the firm and brand. introduced jams in 1997.

Segmenting and targeting workers 14% young 19% ol d age 5% chil dren 62% children young workers old age .

Positioning     National foods have positioned their products in the mind of the customers because of following points: High Quality product Customers are always satisfied Readily available at all outlets whether big or small Price is affordable .

.Competitors Closed competitors  Mitchels  Salman’s  Shezan  Tops  sundip Broad competitors Every thing eaten in the breakfast.

Right doings.         The product is made in a hygienic environment Made according to the customers need and demand Great variety in jams Convenient packaging Affordable price Small packages for travelers etc Positioning better than competitors Advertisements are given importance .

Wrong doings   Artificial flavors Should launch those flavors of jams which are available in the market by the competitors .

Part 2 Relaunch of the brand. Product Pricing Placement Promotion .

Addition and deletion in the product .

How to beat the competition? .

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