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and at the same time. Automotive operations. through these products. Today our fields of influence extend from the land to the sea and even into the skies as our business divisions have grown Motorcycles operations to include Marine operations. Yamaha Motor Company has worked to build its products which stand among the very best in the world through its constant pursuit of quality. Intelligent Machinery operations. Aeronautic operations and PAS operations. Power Product operations. 1955. Yamaha being manufacturing Powerboats and out boards motors in 1960. engine and FRP technology were used as a base to actively diversify and globalize the area of business. Since then. . it has sought to contribute to the quality of life of people all over the world.Overview Ever since its founding as a motorcycle manufacturer on 1st July. Following on the success of our Motorcycles.

Yamaha struggled against great odds to establish Yamaha Organ Works. and is a vital legacy of Yamaha Corporation today. farsightedness. . This led to a request to repair a organ. Torakusu Yamaha.The Origins of the Yamaha Brand The YAMAHA brand has its roots in the name of our founder. This same spirit formed the foundation of the Yamaha brand. a project that resulted in the birth of the Yamaha brand. Yamaha initially found employment repairing medical equipment. Familiar with western science and technology from his youth. Confident of the potential of his business. Entrepreneurial spirit. and determination to overcome difficulties fueled his passion to succeed.

support teams and sponsors to create the Yamaha Racing Team. The Yamaha Racing Team participates not only in world championship road races and motocross events but also in .Yamaha Racing Team Yamaha Motor has brought together some of the world's finest riders. year after year. the Yamaha Racing Team boasts a record of outstanding performance in event after event. Participating in many of the most prestigious racing events around the globe.

Escorts Group secured license under technical collaboration with CEKOP Poland. • 1979: Entered into technical collaboration with YMC of Japan for manufacturing 350cc motorcycles. • 2000: Share holding of YMC increased from 50% to 74%.MILESTONES • 1960: Indian partners.Setup CNC cell in the organization • • 1985: Started manufacturing of RX-100 motorcycle in technical collaboration with YMC. • 2001: 100% subsidiary of YMC. • 1983: Obtained letter of Intent FOR 100cc motorcycle in market all over India. • 1996: Added Faridabad plant under joint venture. Japan . • 1995: 50: 50 Joint venture company formed with Escorts Group. Japan at Surajpur plant.

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