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Inter Planetary Internet Network

By Name Aditya Dingare Neha Gundre Nilesh Jaiswal Darshan Kamat Roll No 09 13 18 21


Introduction Objective & Challenges Architecture Delay Tolerant Network(DTN) Infrastructure Security Issue Advantage & Application References

Imagine ??? A web thats out of this world.

Current Communication

Point-to-Point communication
Deep Space Network

Some Fast Facts

Time taken by light Earth Jupiter : 32.7 min Earth Saturn : 76.7 min Earth Mars : 40 min

Fast Fact

Imagine ???

If I say a Hi to you and you hear it after

9 Hours !!!!!


Time-Insensitive Scientific data delivery Time-Sensitive scientific data delivery Mission Status Telemetry Command and Control


Extremely long propagation delay High link error rates for radio-frequency (RF) communication channels Lack of fixed communication infrastructure Effects of planetary distances on the signal strength and the protocol design Power, mass, size, and cost constraints for communication hardware and protocol design.

Delay Tolerant Network(DTN)

DTN uses store & forward mechanism. DTN have BUNDLE protocolTo provides reliable data transfer without disruption in end-to-end path to destination To retransmit missing data. It uses per-hop error control which increases the probability of data transmissions.



Inter Planetary Backbone Network Inter Planetary External Network Planetary Network Planetary Satellite Network Planetary Surface Network



Security issue

Hacking into interplanetary gateways.

Need of impervious & robust system.

Advantage & Application

Space exploration through Lego robot stationed at European space centre in Germany from ISS.


IPN is a new network approach for a set of communication standards and technical specifications to support rich networking in space environments.


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