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The crack in the Kaaba

There is a crack in the holy Kaaba that opens every year which is in the area called the Rukn Al Yamani, a corner of the holy kaaba. The evidence of the crack is even more clear from the inside

The crack opens every th year, on the 13 day in the month of Rajab. even though every effort has been made to conceal it

The crack still opens, even after the holy Kaaba was almost demolished by the army of Ummayad Caliph Yazid Ibne Moawiya (l.a.)

The same Yazid that Murdered The Prophet Muhammad’s(s.a.w.s.) grandson, Imam Hussain (A.S.) on the plains of Karbala…

There is also a beautiful scent that emits out of this crack that does not exist in any other part of the holy Kaaba.

This happens every th year on the 13 day in the month of Rajab.

The Crack in the Kaaba

• What is the history behind this crack?

The Crack in the Kaaba the facts:
• A pious lady called Fatima Binte Asad was in labour pains. She knelt down near the holy Kaaba and prayed:

“O ALLAH! I have faith in you and the Prophet (i.e.Abraham), who by your command laid the foundation of this house.” “O ALLAH! I ask to you in the name of your Prophet Muhammad and ask you by the child in my womb, to make this birth comfortable and easy for me.”

An instant later, the south-east wall of the holy Kaaba opened. Fatima binte asad entered the holy Kaaba through this crack and the crack then closed as mysteriously as it had opened, in front of astonished onlookers

No matter how much they tried, the lock on door of the holy Kaaba would not open…. After the third day,in front of a large crowd who had gathered, the same lock on the door of the holy kaaba suddenly dropped and the door opened

Fatima Binte Asad emerged from the holy Kaaba holding her new born baby. She presented this baby to Prophet Muhammad, who took the child in his arms and blessed him

Who was this child?

It was none other than

Imam Ali (A.S.)
the cousin and successor to the holy Prophet


There after the holy prophet(s.a.w.s.) took Ali(a.s) under his personal care and nurtured him as his own son.

many Muslims refuse to believe that Imam Ali (A.S.) was ALLAH’S(s.w.t) chosen leader after the holy Prophet

Even though ALLAH (s.w.t.) commanded the holy prophet(s.a.w.s.) to declare ALI(a.s.) as his successor at Ghadeer on his way back from his final Hajj

Is this a message from the ALL MIGHTY???

• Is ALLAH (s.w.t. ) conveying an important message to us???

• That Imam Ali (a.s.) was indeed the divinely appointed successor to our holy Prophet???

But [then] -how many a sign is there in the heavens and on earth which they pass by [unthinkingly], and on which they turn their backs! •Holy Quran 12:105

You decide!!!