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1) He was educated at the LSE and the first editor of penguin's prestigious non fiction imprint PELICAN. In the 1930's he had worked tirelessly for garnering British support for independence. He was appointed as High commissioner to London. A man of forceful opinions, he was controversial both in India and outside. They say it seemed strange that a man who carries a such a storm around him should have been used for delicate diplomatic missions. He was later made the minister for Defense. He shared a strained relationship with the then army chief General Thimmaya over procurement of arms and deployment of troops during the IndoChina crisis. In spite of all these shortcomings, Nehru would turn blue when anyone pointed fingers at his diplomatic pet. During the height of the cold war, the very news that he was scheduled to speak in the General Assembly was good enough to cause a stir in the United Nations and a minor stampede in its galleries. His fivehour speech on Kashmir followed by another two hours and 48 minutes the next day set up an all-time record in any international locution or UN declamation


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Put funda Ottiyana (Ornament covering stomach)
Hand eyes nose throat left arm right wrist right leg right arm genital organ great toe right toes finger left thigh crown earring bone left anklet right anklet Navel Tubular bones of the feet

• Sati the wife of lord Shiva killed herself unable to bear the insults of her father Daksha who chastised her for marrying Shiva. Shiva in his rage, picked up the remains of Sati's body, and danced the dance of destruction through the Universe. The other gods intervened to stop this dance, and the Vishnu's disk, or Sudarshana Chakra, cut through the corpse of Sati. The various parts of the body fell at several spots all through the Indian subcontinent and formed sites which are known as Shakti Peethas today.

4) CN Annadurai once sarcastically remarked ' If we had to accept the principle of numerical superiority while selecting our national bird, the choice would have fallen not on the peacock but on the common crow.' What was he taking a dig at?

Imposition of Hindi as official language

• Ellatuvalapil ___________ from Palakkad district of Kerala. He won the railway minister's award for the reconstruction of Pamban bridge that connected Rameswaram to Tamil Nadu in 1963. • Later he was appointed the CMD of Konkan Railway on contract in 1990. Under his stewardship, the company executed its mandate in seven years. • He was made the managing director of ______ _______ and by mid-2005, all the scheduled sections were completed by their target date or before and within their respective budgets. He was given the sobriquet of ________Man by the media. In 2005, he was awarded the Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur (Knight of the Legion of Honor) by the government of France

E Sreedharan of Delhi Metro

• It is grown exclusively in the upper areas of the Gangetic Plains. To protect the farmers of this region, India and Pakistan have decided to apply for a joint registration of the ________. • It successful, the efforts to gain geographical indication, or GI, will have a global impact. India is the largest producer in the world followed by Pakistan. • In essence, India and Pakistan are unable to agree on a definition of what constitutes _____ • Indian scientists are also mapping its DNA.

• Basmati

This term was probably first used to describe the terrain of election campaigns in the 1977 general election. Farmers and villagers who live in the countryside of northern India, a densely populated area that city people scornfully dubbed the __ ____ because devout Hindu farmers do not slaughter the sacred animals. Big blocks of parliamentary seats from the ___ _____ region have been crucial to all five of the Congress Party's national electoral victories in the Nehru-Indira era .


• He is 85 now, and still teaches at the institute in Pune, India, that he founded in 1973. He taught his first class in 1936, but it wasn't until he struck up a lifelong friendship with violinist Yehudi Menuhin that brought his teachings to the West. • With his long white hair pulled back off a broad forehead, eyes undimmed by age, eyebrows for which bushy would be an inadequate epithet, he is clearly not a man to mess with. • He was so demanding a teacher that some of his earliest British disciples had described him as Bang Kick Slap ______

Bang Kick Slap IYENGAR

• Each group tends to belong to the same institution or literary and artistic group or the same political party, with their very own devil's advocate for verbal combat or what is known as____ .This word is hard to define, though it is integral to Bengali life. Before the 1930's Bengalis had akharas where young men would go regularly to build their physical fitness. During the nationalist movement akharas became hotbeds of seditious activity and were discouraged by the govt. So the more informal ___ was used.

• Adda

• The three white lines represented the different geographical units of _____ _____and its frontiers. The red colour was the symbol of the worker and the force of progress and the plough of the kisans, formed the backbone of the State's people. The plough on a red background symbolizing labor substituted the Maharaja's state flag. Three stripes represent the three distinct administrative divisions of the state, namely ____,________, and_______

• The flag of Jammu and Kashmir, designed by Sheikh Abdullah. The three regions are Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh.


• Tughlaq • Karnad's second play, written in 1964, is perhaps his best known • The play shows the transformation of the character of the medieval ruler Mohammad bin Tughlaq. • Cho's magazine is called Tughlaq.Its mascot draws from Muhammad bin Thuglak, Sultan of Delhi; on whom in 1968, the founder staged a play and later a movie in 1971. The plot is a socio-political satire, which narrates the scheme and success of a small band of idealists who take over the Government of India as the resurrected Muhammad bin Thuglak.

They wrote to each other with rapturous frequency but the most intimate letters will never be available to scholars and historians. Natwar singh once asked Vijaya Lakshmi, if the rumours about X having an affair with Y were true. She was herself a diva and uninhibited in her conversation. She said to me: “Of course he did. And good for him.

Nehru, Edwina

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