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India 09

1) X was a Bangalore-born and Mysoreeducated writer began his professional life as a journalist. After working with the Express group, he joined Publications Division as Assistant Editor and went on to edit Planning Commission’s journal ‘Yojana.According to Mr. Natwar Singh, was the only person in Indira Gandhi’s office who did not call her “madam".He was the Joint Editor of the Selected Works of Jawaharlal Nehru and has authored several books on his own; the last of which was titled “The Book I Won’t Be

• H.Y.Sharada Prasad

2 ) Y was a major Kannada writer, social activist, environmentalist, Yakshagana artist, movie maker and thinker. He was described as the "finest novelist-activist of modern India"by Ramachandra Guha.He was conferred Padma Bhushan by Government of India which later he returned in protest against the Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi.Y was an intellectual and environmentalist who tremendously contributed to art and culture of Karnataka. He may be called the best novelist in Kannada, as some of his novels such as Marali Mannige, Bettada Jeeva, Alida Mele are outstanding.His contribution to revival of Yakshagana will forever be remembered. Yakshagana-Bayalata (1958) in

• Shivaram Karanth

3) Its origin has been traced in hoary past in different ancient civilizations, more than 4,000 years back.This idea developed perhaps, into a celestial bird, watching in all directions.In Indian subcontinent, the sculpture of this mythical bird found in Taxila (a.k.a. Taxasila) is the oldest.Narasimhaavatar became so omnipotent that the benevolent gods began to fear of total destruction. Hence they prayed Lord Shiva. Shiva then assumed the form of Sharabha, (a mythical bird) and tamed Narasimha. (manlion). Vishnu then transformed himself into ____________ and faced Sharabha. __________ thus came to be known as symbol of immense power.Later this mighty mythical bird was adopted as an emblem by several rulers.What is the mythical bird?

6) In 1998, after averting a major crisis in the Middle East through diplomatic means, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan had spoken the following words, • "Never underestimate the power of ________"" • A short music film was shot in the recent past somewhat loosely based on these lines.The film is set primarily in Los Angeles, USA, where progress and plenitude abound. Lives and lifestyles there stand in stark contrast to those parts of the world where pain and suffering abound. The film attempts to bring these two worlds together through its story and in doing so depicts the dawning of a particular realization on its protagonist.that he need not wait for a reason to show kindness

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Song by Film by Singers Dancer Cassel Dixion Jr Talent Bryan Clark, Adele Jones Cinematography Mufti Tassaduq Hussain Camera Assistant Christopher Chambers Line Producer Anglea Sostre Director’s Assistants Vasant Nath, Suny Behar Production Co-Ordinator Joel Henry Costume Designer Samantha Kuester Make Up Olivia Osborn Edited by Sylvette Artinian Online Editor Sumanth Emerson David Post Production Pixion Sound Recorded at Panchatan Studio Photography Credits Corbis Howard Davies, Peter Turnley Executive Producer Mohan Chopra Supported by Nokia India Alok Mehta, Karan Grover

• Pray for me Brother

7)The logo symbolises carrying emotion across physical distances. The bold strokes convey free flight. At second glance it resembles a free bird in flight..The logo has two main colours, red and yellow. Red indicates traditional association with the ________, signifying passion, power and commitment. Yellow stands for hope, joy and happiness.

9) He is also known as _________(referring to his complexion) ______________(refering to the island which was his birthplace). A number of Vaishnava traditions regard him as an avatar of Vishnu. He is also considered to be one of the eight Chiranjeevas (long lived, or immortals), who are still in existence according to general Hindu belief. Many also point out that He was born on the confluenceof the rivers Koel,Sankha and Brahmani at the present steel city of Rourkela in Northern Orissa.In pic is the temple in Badrinath dedicated to Him.Who is He?

• Veda Vyasa

10)The name of this sport can be loosely translated in English as pole gymnastics.A straight pole made of teak or sheesham wood, standing 2.6 m in height with a circumference of 55 cm at the base. It gradually tapers to a circumference of 35 cm at the top is used.The sport involves a _______ (man of strength) performing acrobatic feats on the

• Mallakhamb

11)Feline maternal instincts are the most fierce among other animals’ . It was considered absolute bravery when anybody faced a newly littered feline and reaped (literally) its rewards .In regions of Karnataka, acts of valour were recognised by kings who fed _________ to the valiant. It was also said that _________ was the source of great strength and thus only the deserving could be given __________. X which is the literal translation of ________ was kannada movie starring Dr.Rajkumar.

• __________ - Tiger’s milk • X- Huliya haalina mevu


• 26/11

13) Id the Stud

• Cheteshwar Pujara

19)Somebody is missing. Who and connect?

MSD-World Cup winning captains


Smile Pinki

21)Ad for what?

22)X was named Mangte Chungneijang by her dear father, M.Tonpu and mother Saneikham.THE MOTIVATING EVENTS for X was Failing to get through in HSLC exam that X appeared from Adimjati High school, Imphal.X did Manipur proud by winning five back to back National championships from 2000 to 2005.X kept the world champion’s title for

• MC Mary Kom

25. He graduated with a B.E (Chemical
Engineering) from Madras University.He trained in Kuchupudi dance from Vempetti Chinni Sathyam in Madras during the college days.He entered the world of movies in the 1980s. He has had tremendous success in the world of cinema.His success in the movies Anand, Rathasapthami and Mana Mechchida Hudugi shot him to superstardom and subsequently earned him a nickname by which he is referred to even today. Who is

Yat-trick Yeero





• Dhoom Tana


CitiesAdilabad Ahmedabad Mysore Mahabalipuram-from Mamallapuram Thiruvananthapuram

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