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high strength and high durability. ACI (American Concrete Institute) has defined HPC as a concrete in which certain characteristics are developed for a particular application and environment. High performance concrete (HPC) has been defined as concrete that which possesses high workability. HIGH PERFORMANCE CONCRETE .

The High Performance Concrete is normally designed for parameters (one or more) falling under the Strength criterion or/and under the Durability criterion. as tabulated below: HIGH PERFORMANCE CONCRETE STRENGTH CRITERIA Compressive Strength Modulus of Elasticity Shrinkage Creep DURABILITY CRITERIA Freeze-Thaw Scaling Abrasion Chloride Permeability .

High early strength High strength High modulus of elasticity High abrasion resistance High durability and long life in severe environments Low permeability and diffusion Resistance to chemical attack Toughness and impact resistance Volume stability Ease of placement Compaction without segregation Inhibition of bacterial and mold growth HIGH PERFORMANCE CONCRETE .

MATERIALS USED IN HIGH PERFORMANCE CONCRETE MATERIAL Portland cement Blended cement PRIMARY CONTRIBUTION/DESIRED PROPERTY Cementing material / Durability Cementing material / Durability / High strength Flowability Reduce water-cement ratio Control setting HIGH PERFORMANCE CONCRETE Fly ash / Slag / Silica fume Calcined clay/ Metakaolin Calcined shale Superplasticizers High-range water reducers Hydration control admix. .

MATERIAL Retarders Accelerators Corrosion inhibitors Water reducers Shrinkage reducers ASR inhibitors Optimally graded aggregate PRIMARY CONTRIBUTION/DESIRED PROPERTY Control setting Accelerate setting Control steel corrosion Reduce cement and water content Reduce shrinkage Control alkali-silica activity Improve workability/reduce paste Durability HIGH PERFORMANCE CONCRETE Polymer/latex modifiers .


They are especially suitable in the following applications: Inaccessible locations Large flat areas Underwater applications Pumping concrete over long distances HIGH PERFORMANCE CONCRETE     .HIGH WORKABILITY CONCRETE The workability of fresh concrete should be suitable for each specific application to ensure that the operations of handling. The handling and placing properties of concrete mixes can be improved considerably by the use of cement replacement materials such as pulverized fuel ash or ground granulated blastfurnace slag. Furthermore. the use of admixtures such as water reducers and superplasticisers have beneficial effects on workability without compromising other concrete properties. placing and compaction can be undertaken efficiently.


High-strength concrete columns can hold more weight and therefore be made slimmer than regular strength concrete columns. . especially in the lower floors of buildings. compressive strengths approaching 138MPa have been used in cast-in-place buildings.Lightweight concretes can either be Lightweight Aggregate concrete. Such lightweight concrete blocks are often used in house construction. HIGH PERFORMANCE CONCRETE The definition of high strength concretes is continually developing. Foamed concrete or Autoclaved Aerated concrete (AAC). and in the 1960s compressive strengths of up to 52MPa were being used commercially. 34MPa was considered high strength. which allows for more usable space. In the 1950s. More recently.

so sprayed concretes can be used.SPRAYED CONCRETE There are many applications where traditional formwork is not a suitable method of supporting concrete . These applications include: Shell roofs and domes Retaining walls Diaphragm walls Blast proof structures Bank vaults Underground Construction Tunnel linings Sea and river walls Reservoirs and dams HIGH PERFORMANCE CONCRETE .

or joint sawing and sealing. finishing. economical construction method for dams. and water. heavy-duty parking and storage areas. a durable paving material that carries heavy loads. HIGH PERFORMANCE CONCRETE . portland cement. off-highway pavement projects. and as a base for conventional pavement. It is now developing as a fast.ROLLER COMPACTED CONCRETE  Roller compacted concrete. no-slump concrete mixture comprising of local aggregates or crushed recycled concrete. surface texturing. The process requires no forms. It is a stiff. The mixture is placed and roller compacted with the same commonly available equipment used for asphalt pavement construction.

HIGH PERFORMANCE CONCRETE M60 grade performance concrete for superstructure was specified Target 28-days compressive srength-74N/mm² Slump obtained was 120mm and 28-day compressive strength in the field was 75.16N/mm² .

2Mpa • Slump required was 130 to 180 mm • Field strength obtained were –79. HIGH PERFORMANCE CONCRETE .6Mpa at 28 days and 94 Mpa at 365days.• M7O grade was supplied from a readymade mix concrete plant. Target strength-83.


 High Performance Concrete (HPC) is designed to provide several benefits in the construction of concrete structures as tabulated below: PERFORMANCE BENEFITS Ease of placement and consolidation without affecting strength Long-term mechanical properties Early high strength COST & OTHER BENEFITS Less material Fewer beams Reduced maintenance HIGH PERFORMANCE CONCRETE Toughness Volume stability Longer life in severe environments Extended life cycle Aesthetics .