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Food Resources Animals

• Animal food products • Egg, milk, meat

Milk Animals

. Cow, Buffalo
Goat, Sheep, Camel are Milk Producing

Breed of Buffaloes
• • • • • A large numbers of buffaloes are domesticated in our country 1 MurrahMurrah is very good milk which is the original native breed of Haryana and Punjab. The average yield of milk is 1800 to 2000 litres during its lactation period. The fat content is upto 7% in the milk

2 Mehsana… • This buffalo is a native of Mehsana and Vadodara districts in Gujarat. • It gives average 1200 to 2500 liters of milk during lactation period. • It begin milk –giving comparatively younger age.

• 3 Surati • This breed is a native of Kheda and Vadodara district in Gujarat. • The average yield of milk rang form 1600 ltrs in a brooding season. • The fat country of milk is 8 to 12%

Breeds Of Beef Cattle
Introduction • Approximately 250 breeds of cattle are recognized throughout the world and several hundred more breeds are not currently recognized. • More than 80 recognized breeds of beef cattle are available to producers in the United States, but an exact count is difficult to obtain because other breeds continue to be imported and crossing of existing breeds continuously creates new breeds.

Mature Body Size
• Mature body size varies with breed and gender. On average, a mature cow will weigh less than a mature bull of a given breed. • Mature body size is proportional to body size at all stages of growth.

Poultry Farming

• Poultry farming is raising chickens, ducks and other fowl for meat and eggs. • 2 Sorts of poultry farms: • Farms where they raise poultry for meat • Farms were they produce eggs

History of the Poultry Industry
• 19th century- poultry fanciers: new breeds developed which became the American class • 1st poultry show - 1849 in Boston • American poultry assoc. Formed in 1873 • Standard of excellence published in 1874 • Chicks could be mailed - 1918

Breeders, Layers and Hatching Egg Production
History of Poultry Industry
• Origin of chicken Jungle Fowl (India) • Reason for initial domestication - cock fighting

What is Bantam Chicken?
• A small version of the larger (standard size) breed • Bantams are almost exclusively for exhibition

What is Bantam Chicken?
• A small version of the larger (standard size) breed • Bantams are almost exclusively for exhibition

Breeds and Varieties
• • Breed is a type of chicken
– Leghorn or a – Rhode Island Red

Variety is defined by the variations within the breed

– Leghorn – single

comb vs rose comb – white vs light brown – Rhode Island Red – White Rock vs – Barred Rock

Poultry Care
• 1 In poultry farming special care of fowls should be taken for their shelter, feed and disease control. • 2 the first phase of life of poultry birda in growing period upto adult stage. • 3During this period the chickens are called gruwers.

Fish Production
• many advantages over other agricultural animals • 9lbs. Feed for 1lbs. Of gain for steer • 2lbs. Feed for 1lbs. Of gain a fish are ectothermic (cold-blooded) • this means less energy goes into maintaining a constant body temp • fish have a higher percentage of edible meat (up to 85%) • up to 6000 pounds fish can be raised on one acre

Fish Production
• Problems in fish production • dissolved oxygen level must be maintained • shipping the meat (fish spoils quickly) • operations are labor intensive • operations are high risk

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