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Kind old Geppetto stood at his workbench and carved a puppet that looked just like a real boy. He sang as he worked and Jiminy Cricket chirped along merrily. Little Figaro his cat, played with the wood chips as they

“There! You’re finished,” said Geppetto, as he held his puppet and made him dance. “How I wish you were a real live boy! What fun we would have, you Figaro and I! What shall I call you? I think Pinocchio. Little, wooden headed Pinocchio!”

As Geppetto lay in bed he whispered, “Star light...Star bright...I wish Pinocchio were a real, live boy.” In a few minutes he was fast asleep. Suddenly, Geppetto’s cottage was filled with a bright light, and there stood a lovely

The Blue Fairy flew to the workbench where little wooden Pinocchio sat and said, “Awake, Pinocchio, and live! To you the gift of life I give. Be good, and bring Geppetto joy, And grow to be a real, live boy!”

Geppetto could not believe his eyes when he woke the next morning to find Pinocchio running around! “Now Pinocchio, it’s time for all good boys to go to school”. He gave Pinocchio his books and sent him on his way. “Wait for me!” cried Jiminy Cricket. The Blue Fairy had told Pinocchio that Jiminy Cricket was to be his friend and help him do the right thing,

Suddenly something tripped Pinocchio. It was the cane of a sly old fox. He helped Pinocchio to his feet. “Dear Pinocchio, you must have been going a little too fast, and in the wrong direction! I have a plan for you. Come with me”, said the fox. “But I have to go to school,” cried Pinocchio. “To school? Nonsense!” scoffed the fox. “I have a much better plan.”

They set off and Jiminy Cricket ran behind them. They soon came to a grand coach. The two sly animals took a large bag from the driver. They had tricked Pinocchio and sold him for gold! Jiminy was on bravely frightened but hopped drove off. just as the coach Pinocchio made friends with the other children on board. Jiminy sadly hid in a corner. He knew this was

The coach stopped at Pleasure Island. Pinocchio thought it was wonderful! Every day he played with his new friends, and ate lollies, ice cream and cake. Jiminy Cricket kept asking Pinocchio to go home with him, but

After a while, Pinocchio began to grow into a donkey! He had been tricked again! The mean old man cried, “Finally! Another donkey to sell to the man at the salt mine!” and chased after him. “Run, Pinocchio! Come on!” shouted Jiminy Cricket. This time, Pinocchio listened to him and they

At last they arrived safely at Geppetto’s house. “I was so worried about you Pinocchio!” cried Geppetto. “What happened?” he asked, noticing Pinocchio’s donkey ears. “I’m sorry Father. I disobeyed you. But I do know better now”, said Pinocchio quietly. Suddenly, Geppetto’s cottage was again filled with a bright light and the Blue Fairy appeared.

“You have learnt your lesson Pinocchio,” said the Blue Fairy. She waved her magic wand and touched him. Pinocchio felt himself turn into a real boy! “Father!” he cried with excitement. “I’m a real boy at last!” Geppetto hugged him and laughed and cried

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