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Half my advertising budget is wasted.

I just dont know which half -John Wannamaker

In 2007, corporations spent 12 billion on market research STILL Eight out of 10 new product launches fail within the first three months of launch


This is based on astonishing findings from Martin LindStorms groundbreaking, 4-year, seven-million-dollar neuro marketing study, a cutting-edge experiment that peered inside the brains of 2,000 volunteers.

Buy-OLOGY In Search of the Buy Button

Subconcious thoughts, feelings and desires that drive our purchase decisions

An intriguing marriage of science and marketing and a WINDOW into the HUMAN MIND

His startling results shatter much of what we have long believed about what seduces our interest and drives us to buy.

We are basically still unable to answer the basic questions

What drives us as consumers to make the choices we do What causes us to choose one product over another

Does Product Placement Really Work? How Powerful are Brand Logos? Does Subliminal Advertising Really Work ? Does Sex in Advertising Really Work ?

The Pepsi Challenge

Emotions are the way in which our brains encode things of value Brands that engage us emotionally will win every time.

Why do the majority of anti-smoking campaigns inadvertently encourage people to smoke Approximately 15 bn cigarettes are sold everyday.

Does it REALLY work.

What did you have for dinner five nights ago? What is your favorite TV Program?

Product Placement
Lumiere Brothers: Levers Sunlight Soap 1930: Scarface: White Owl Cigars 1940: General Electric Refrigerator or DeBeers Diamonds

Syleverster Stallones Driven 103 Brands in 117 minutes A BRAND EVREY SIXTY SECONDS

68 Companies made appearances in the 2007 Film

Casino Royale

Die Another Day

23 brands in 123 minutes

American Idol Study

American Idol Study

Three Sponsors Coke, Ford and Cingular Wireless were paying 26 mn each annually.

Results of American Idol Study

Coke had integrated itself with the narrative Ford did not play a role in the show

3.Mirror Neurons at Work


Miiror Neurons is a Phenomena

Neurons that fire when an action is being performed and also When the same action is being observed Its as if seeing and doing are one and the same thing

Mirror Neurons are also the reason why we imitate other peoples behavior

Mirror Neurons are also

Mirror neurons are responsible for empathy

Nails Scratching on a Board

Lets Visit the Mall

Smiling Study
We are not only attracted to people who smile but we also tend to remember their names

The concept of imitation is a huge factor in why we buy the things we do


What DNA is for Biology Mirror Neurons are for Psychology

But mirror neurons dont work alone They work in tandem with Dopamine

Sometimes just seeing a product over and over again makes them more desirable.

Why stick thin models have caused anorexia in women Why the dance craze macarena spread Why did Micheal Jacksons moonwalking

4. Subliminal Messaging

Still Well and Alive

Subliminal Advertising
Drink Coca-Cola and Eat Popcorn
Led Zepelin ( Stairway to Heaven) Hotel California Lion King

Most subliminal advertising is selling sex

Pepsi cool can design Stores Playing Music Primes or Visual Aids Blinks

Does Subliminal Advertising Actually work or like most product placements , it gets ignored by our brain?

Are Smokers affected by imagery that lies beneath their level of consciousness? Do Smokers need to read the words CAMEL and MARLBORO to react ?

Subliminal Messages are defined as visual, auditory, or any other sensory message that registers just below our level of conscious perception and can be detected only by the unconscious mind

Marlboro Motels Dunhill Benson & Hedges Coffee Shops in Malaysia Nascar and Formula One

Images had two things in common 1) They are all associated with cigarette commercials 2) Not a single cigarette, logo, brand name.

Everything that Nascar and Formula 1 Represent was subliminally transformed into representing the brand.

Purple Silk-Silk Cut.

LOGOs are if not dead is atleast on life support.

Rituals and Superstition and Why we Buy Do you believe in magic Corona/ Heinakin RoohAfza

Number 13 No number 13 house No Seat No on KLM with No 13 8 is a lucky number in Asia Kitto Katsu

Antiwrinkle Cream Olympic Flame

We are creatures of habit

Athletes Hot Streaks

Food Rituals Oreo and Milk Roohafza in Ramzan Khajoor in Ramzan Mithai and Cadbury Subway Starbucks Halwa Puri

Collecting and Brand Obsessions

A 1981 New York times article living with collections estimated that 30 % Americans are hoarding
More than 22,000 Hello Kitty Products are in circulation in Asia

What Religions have in Common with Brands

Sense of Belonging Sensory Appeal Story Telling Grandeur Evangelism Symbols Mystery Rituals

HOG Nintendo


Power over Enemies

Coke vs Pepsi Visa vs Mastercard

Sensory Appeal


Story Telling
Disney Virgin Lipton Tea



The X9 Factor Sony Trinitron

The Power of Somatic Markers Bookmark are shortcut in our brains- sown by past experiences of reward and punishment Connect an experience or emotion with a specific required reaction

Why do we gravitate towards digital cameras made in Japan

By now you will be wondering how these markers form

Associations and Book Marks Andrex Michelin Man Mc Donald Energizer Bunny

Lucciano Pavvaroti visis to Denmark

A PINK BANK If only Pavarotti had known about Gajol

Somatic Fears
Fear Humor Sensory Experience