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Segmentation: Targeting and Positioning

MKTG 401 (2): Practising Marketing Management - A Simulation Module Leader: Richard Meek Student Name: Theodoros Maroulis [ Group no. 2]

Lancaster 19/11/2012

Segmentation Process




Company Level Product and Service Brand Level

Geo-demographic Variables Behavioral Variables Psychographic Variables

PEST Factors

Market Factors (Segment Attractiveness) Segment Size Segment Growth Rate Segment LC Customers Price Sensitivity Potential for Substitution

Nature of Competition Quality of Competition Likelihood of Entry Power of Suppliers Power of Customers Barriers to Entry Barriers Exiting the segment

Segmentation: A case of ATHINAIKOS BC

Segmentation: Geo-demographic Variables: Athens (Vyron region) citizen, Generation X,Y, Middle-high Income, Middle-Upper Social Class Behavioral: favorable (stance), Usage Rate (heavy users), Loyalty Level (strong), Involvement (behavioral), In research of alternative entertainment Psychographic: entertainment via participation to sports events, Lifestyle: seeking to be perceived as related to sports individuals and connected to the brand due to its high market brand image (belief), sports are related to social responsibility. Targeting: high involvement with sports, medium to high usage rate, age groups: 11-18, 18-30, 30-55, living in Athens and having favorable attitude towards women basketball and having it related with social responsibility practices. Positioning: Age groups: 15-18 and 35-45, citizen of Vyron Attica, consumer how is seeking for alternative ways of entertainment-practicing as regards the women basketball and being favorable to support a social responsible sport organization.

Period 3

Targeting Positioning: ROLEX (Shoppers)

Relative Consumer Segment Size (%)

Current Per.

22% 25% 31%

Next Per.
In 5 Periods

Period 4

Targeting Positioning: ROSE (Savers)

188.2% Increase

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