Department of Sociology

Extension Committee Activities

Brgy. Binangonan  Brgy. 425. Gulod.Existing extension areas with memoranda (AY 2008-2013) Urban Communities  Quintos. Binangonan . 6. Manila Rural Communities  Brgy. Kaytome. Navotas  Brgy. Janosa c/o KAMATA. Zone 43. San Jose. Dist. Binangonan  Brgy.

POs.Other extension areas (w/o memoranda)   Mandaluyong Correctional Istitute for Women Hospicio de San Jose KAMATA COalition of Services of the Elderly Amnesty International Philippines Greenpeace Phillippines Sagip Ilog Pasig Movement SALIGAN (PUP College of Law) UP Department of Sociology Manila City Hall Linkages (NGOs.)         . GOs etc.

Seminar on Demography and Human Ecology at PUP. 2011 Organizing and Facilitation. October 12. October 14. Postmodernism and Social Research Methodologies at PUP.    Bourdieu. 2011) Organizing and Speakership. October 16. Psychology and Law students at the Mandaluyong Correctional Institute for Women. .Entension Committee Engagements (October 2011-May 2012)  Organizing and Speakership. Outreach Activity with Sociology. Outreach Activity with HRDM 3-3 Students at Hospicio de San Jose. 2011 Facilitation.

 . Speakership and Facilitation.Entension Committee Engagements (October 2011-May 2012) Organizing and Facilitation. Facilitation and Motorcade Participation. A Seminar on Sustance Abuse Prevention at Brgy 425. Basic Orientation Seminar on Human Rights (with special topics on the Philippine HRs Situation and Gender Sensitivity) at PUP Graduate School. 2011  Organizing. December 13. December 12-13. Manila. 2011  Organizing. Human Rights Quiz Bee and Photo Exhibit at PUP.

Navotas City. Christmas Party with the residents of Quintos. TNB: Tunay na Babae (A Seminar on Feminism) at PUP. February 21. December 21. 2012  Participation. 2012  Speakership and Facilitation.Entension Committee Engagements (October 2011-May 2012)  Organizing and Facilitation. Advocacy for Human Rights: Forum (with special focus on Sexual Reproductive Health Rights and Maternal Health Rights) at . Feb 6. 2011  Participation. Seminar on the Sociology of Religion at PUP. San Jose.

Facilitation and Participation. Amnesty International’s National Youth Assembly. Amnesty International’s Speakers’ and Writers’ Training in Davao City.Entension Committee Engagements (October 2011-May 2012) Participation. April 27 to May 1. Amnesty International’s General Campaigners’ Meeting in Cebu City. 2012  . 2012  Speakership. March 3-4. Annual General Meeting and Activits’ Assembly in Cagayan de Oro City. March 30 to April 1. 2012  Participation.

Talim Island. Rizal . Binangonan. Kaytome and Gulod. Janosa.Entension Committee Engagements (October 2011-May 2012)  Community Development and Community Organizing of junior sociology students at Brgys.

for teens Livelihood Program: Zipper wallet making.Community Organizing (April 13 to May 14. Theater and Dance Workshop . accessories making. Patter making Disaster Risk Reduction Management Seminar Waste Mangement Seminar Donation of Medicines Donation of Books Clean up drive .for kids Guitar. 2012)         Literacy Program.

Entension Committee Engagements (October 2011-May 2012) Giving of notebooks to selected pupils at Quintos. February to present  Speakership and Facilitation. May 25. QC. San Jose.  . Navotas City. Basic Orientation Seminar on Human Rights and Sexual Reproductive Rights at Good Will Elementary School. 2012  Module Writing for Amnesty International Philippines on the Socioeconomic implications of an Unregulated Arms Trade.

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