The Abyssinian Crisis

By Katy and Emma :)

Why did Italy invade Abyssinian?
In December 1934, there was a massive argument about the border between Abyssinian and Italian Somaliland. This then turned into fighting. January 1935, Haile selassie the emperor of Abyssinian asked the league to negotiate terms between Abyssinian and Italy.

July 1935, the league decided to prevent each country from buying weapons.

What was Britain and France's role in crisis?

Britain and France thought that Italy should have part of the country because they did. But when Italy invaded Abyssinian they refused to get involved. After the fighting in December 1935, news leaked out about the 'Hoare-Laval Pact'. The pact was between the foreign secretary of Britain and teh French prime minister to give Abyssinian to Italy.

How did the league respond to Italy's invasion?

In October 1935, the league suggested that Italy should have some land in Abyssinian. This wasn't good enough for Italy so instead 100,000 of there strong army invaded Abyssinian. The italien troops used posion gas and attacked red cross hospials. The league did nothing. After the Hoare-Laval Pact,

What was the outcome of the Abyssinian crisis?
The outcome of the Abyssinian Crisis was that the league of nation was too weak. Also that when Italy invaded Abyssinia they had pre-war equipment like; • rifles • armoured vehicles • They even resolved to used mustered gas in there attacks In may 1936 the capital Addis Ababa become powerless this lead to Haile Selassie benign removed from the throne and replaced by the king of Italy Victor Emmanuel. Who fled to Geneva were he made a speech that lasted three-quarters of an hour.

What effect did the crisis have on the reputation of the League?
The reputation of the league was undermined due to foreign minister Lava of france and the British foreign secretary Samuel Hoare. Lava and Hoare met up in December 1935 to discuss a plan of action to put a stop to the invasion of Abyssinia going ahead. They proposed to split up Abyssinia meaning that Italy would get the most fertile land. This meant that the natives would only be left with the mountainous area with only a small strip on land to give access to the red sea. This left the league felling powerless when Britain and France took no immediate action as Lava and Hoare was forced to resign. The deposed leader of Abyssinia fled to Geneva where he made a speech that lasted three-quarters of an hour.

The deposed leader of Abyssinia fled to Geneva where he made a speech to the league of Nation that lasted threequarters of an hour. He summarised the events of the war and protested against the failure of the league of Nations. This was the final insult to the league of Nations and it no longer held power as an international organisation. From this time on no one took them seriously and this quickly lead to World War 2.

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