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Sun Tzu Art of Business

Six Strategic Principles for Managers & the

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Sun Tzus Art of War on the History Channel

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"Given the constant battles for market share in almost every industry--computers, soft drinks, airlines, giant retailers--it still surprises me that people resist the of business warfare. Copyright 2008 Marknotion McNeily Dr. Philip Kotler

Sun Tzu & the Art of Business

"Kmart, AT&T, Xerox and GM would have saved themselves billions of dollars if their past CEOs had read this book." Dr. Philip Kotler Northwestern

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The Six Principles

Win All Without Fighting: Capturing Your Market Without Destroying It Avoid Strength, Attack Weakness: Striking Where the Competition is Vulnerable Foreknowledge: Maximizing the Power of Business Intelligence Speed and Preparation: Moving Swiftly to Overcome the Competition Shaping the Opponent: Employing Strategy to Master the Competition Character-based Leadership: Leading by Example

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Win All Without Fighting

"Your aim must be to take All-under-Heaven intact. Thus your troops are not worn out and your gains will be complete. This is the art of offensive strategy."

Sun Tzu

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Avoid Strength, Attack Weakness

"Now an army may be likened to water, for just as flowing water avoids heights and hastens to the lowlands, so an army avoids strengths and attacks weakness."

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Determine the enemy's plans and you will know which strategy will be successful and which will not."

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"Speed is the essence of war. Take advantage of the enemy's lack of preparedness; travel by unexpected routes and strike him where he has taken no precautions."

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He who excels at resolving difficulties does so before they arise. He who excels in conquering his enemies triumphs before threats materialize."

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Shaping the Opponent

"Therefore, those skilled in war bring the enemy to the field of battle and are not brought there by him."

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Leadership Qualities
By command I mean the generals qualities of wisdom, sincerity, humanity, courage and strictness. If wise, a commander is able to recognize changing circumstances and to act expediently. If sincere, his men will have no doubt of the certainty of rewards and punishments. If humane, he loves mankind, sympathizes with others, and appreciates their industry and toil. If courageous, he gains victory by seizing opportunity without hesitation. If strict, his troops are disciplined because they are in awe of him and are afraid of punishment.
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