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Retailing is the set of business activities that adds value to the products & services sold to consumers for

their personal or family use.

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FMCG sector Banking sector IT sector Automobile sector Tele -Communications sector

It refers to a tangible based retailing channel where customer can buy the products which they can touch,see it in front of them at a particular store for a particular period of time. Customers buys products by seeing their practical explosure in stores which help them to buy products on their personal confirmation.

1. Supermarket 2. Supercenters 3. Warehouse clubs 4. Convenience stores 5. Department stores 6. Full-Line discount stores 7. Specialty stores 8. Drugstores 9. Category Specialists 10. Extreme Value retailers 11. Off-Price retailers

A conventional supermarket is a self service food store offering groceries,meat & produce with limited sales of non food items,such as health,beauty aids & general merchandise. For example : Haldiram,Bikaneervala,reliance fresh etc.

It is the fastest growing retail category are large stores that combine a supermarket with a full line discount stores. By offering broad assortment of grocery & general merchandise products under one roof,supercenters provide a one stop shopping experience.

For example : food bazaar ,spencers,reliance trend etc.

It refers to those retailers that offer a limited & irregular assortment of food & general merchandise with little service at low prices for ultimate consumers & small business.

For example : Sams club,Costco etc.

It provides a limited variety & assortment of merchandise at a convenient location with speedy check out. It enables consumers to make purchase quickly,without having to search through a large store.

For example : Narulas,barista,Mc donalds KFC etc.

It carries a broad variety & deep assortment , offer customer service, organize their stores into distinctly separate department for displaying merchandise.

For example : Pantaloons,Globus ,MAX etc.

It offers a broad variety of merchandise, limited service & discount stores. It offers both private labels & national brands.

For example : Puma,Nike,Levis,Woodland,Allen solly etc

It concentrates on a limited number of complementary merchandise categories & provide a high level of service in relatively small stores.

For example : Van heusen,the Raymond shop, Archies,Tanishq etc.

These are specialty stores that concentrate on health & personal grooming merchandise. Pharmaceuticals often represent over 50 % of drugstore sales.

For example : Apollo Pharamacies, Fortis healthworld etc.

They are big box discount stores that offer a narrow but deep assortment of merchandise. These retailers are basically discount specialty stores.

For example : Ritu wears, Pantaloons, Planet M, Hot spot,Kohinoor sales etc.

These are small, full line discount stores that offer a limited merchandise assortment at very low prices. The largest extreme value retailers are Dollar general & Family dollar stores.

It offers an inconsistent assortment of brand name merchandise at low prices.They sell brand name & even designer label merchandise at low prices through their unique buying & merchandise practices.

For example : TJX companies,burlington coat factory etc.