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The North Carolina Virtual Public School

DLA Webinar Fall 08
Student Support Services

Webinar Agenda
• • • • • • • • • • • • • Purpose of Training Role of the DLA Registration First 10 Days Continuing Support Issues and Resolutions Orientations Best Practices Credit Recovery Textbooks Paradigm Shift Course and DLA SPA Resources Q and A

Roles and Responsibilities
• • • The role of the school-level DLA The role of the school leadership The role of the central office DLA

LEA Partnership

Two-Step Process 2) Enter biographical data for each student. 3) Register students for classes • • • • See our DLA Quick Registration Sheet See the Fall 08 Catalogue See the DLA Registration System Manual See the registration in the DLA Paradigm Shift course.

Registration System
Registration Link:

LEA Partnership

Registration System

Registration System

Registration System

To drop a student on or before the 10th day, drop directly in the registration system. After the 10th day, you must use our drop form.

Important Dates

The 1st Ten Days
• Create group emails for students and instructors. • Encourage students to complete the orientation. • Ensure students can login and access the course. • Day 2 Activity Report. • Aug. 29: Last day to enroll. • Day 6 Activity Report. • Sept. 8: Last day to drop without penalty.

Initial Support
Strategies 2. DLA checklist 3. Student checklist 4. Monitor grades 5. Print rosters at start of fall semester 6. Quick list of support numbers 7. Group email for students 8. Orientation and white papers 9. MOA for students

Issues and Solutions
Issue: Student cannot contact the instructor. Solution: Have the student copy in the DLA when there’s a communication issue with an instructor. Issue: The DLA cannot contact the instructor. Solution: Copy in the Regional Consultant in your communication with the instructor. Issue: Student has problems with Blackboard. Solution: Presidium 1-866-223-1028 - 24/7.

Issues and Solutions
Issue: Student has problems with content in the course. Solution: The student must contact the instructor with all content-related questions. Issue: The student wants to drop. Solution: Drop deadline with no penalty: Sept. 8. Issue: Student does not know who to ask for help. Solution: The student should start with the DLA. See our orientation information.

Orientations for Students and Parents
• NCVPS Promotional Video

• Student Orientation Videos
– Orientation 1 for the start of the semester. – Orientation 2 for the middle of the semester. – Orientation 3 for the end of the semester.

• Utilize Current NCVPS Online Orientations
– – – – Blackboard Student Orientation Student Support Services Orientation (For students) Parent Student Information: Student Handbook:

• White Papers (see resources)

Blackboard Orientations

Blackboard Orientations

School-Based Best Practices
• Labs open for help before, during and/or after school. • Tutors or mentors available for courses. • Letter to parents explaining your school’s e-learning process, including the expectations for the students, such as lab requirements, etc. • Weekly contact (phone or email) with students who are not in a lab setting.

Support for Struggling Students
• • • • • • IEP/504 Teacher Mentors Peer Tutoring Communicate with Teachers and Parents Counsel/Coach Provide Helpful Guidelines to Follow

Tips for Lab Management
Strategies that have been implemented to facilitate the lab more effectively. • • • • • Exit Ticket Monitoring Spreadsheet Students Submit Progress Checks Circulate Follow IEP/504 Guidelines

• Teacher Contact
– – – – – Organize Teacher Contact Information Introduction Email Monitor student communication Contact teachers at first sign of trouble Systematic Communication

• Parent Contact
– Teach parents how to monitor student progress – Encourage parents to ask questions

• Student Contact

Credit Recovery
 Courses available: Algebra 1 and English 1.  Designed for the student who has failed the course and needs to repeat the course.  Intended for course recovery, not a remediation only tool.  Based on course mastery.  Instructional Flow of each Unit:  pre-assessment  instruction  mastery assignments  remediation of concepts as needed  post-assessment

Credit Recovery
• • • • • • • Student paced Pacing Guides provided High level of teacher support and interaction Bi-weekly progress reports for all stakeholders Course Calendar: August 25-January 15 Register students NOW through DLA. Courses coming for the Spring semester: • Civics and Econ • Physical Science • US History • Algebra 2 • Geometry • English 4

Textbook and Course Materials
• All textbook processes located at > Courses > Textbooks and Materials o Complete textbook and course materials list by courses (includes ordering information and estimated costs) • State Adopted texts versus non-state adopted (power point located on website that shows both processes) • Partner with school and central office textbook coordinators and school bookkeeper.

Textbook and Course Materials
• District/School responsibility for ordering and purchasing textbooks and materials. • Texts provided from Outside Providers (OSU and FLVS). • Contact for additional questions.

21st Century Virtual Options
•Block •Year long •Lab Facilitated •Extra Course •Outside Provider (different support) •Honors vs. AP •Early Calendar (Survey) •Credit Recovery

Learn & Earn Online

Governor’s New Site Original LEO Link

A New Vision for Training
• Paradigm Shift: A DLA Guide to Supporting 21st Century Learners
– The purpose of this course is to help you create a plan to implement distance learning and support steps at your school.

• DLA Spa
– This is a spot for you to come and collaborate with your colleagues and view and NCVPS updates, elerts, newsletters, podcasts, professional development, etc.

• • • • • • E-learning Opportunities DLA Checklist DLA Quick Registration Guide Student Checklist Student FAQs Orientation Paper (What makes a good online learner/student checklist, etc.) • WSFCS’s Guidelines and Procedures • WSFCS’s How to Succeed in an Online Course • Millbrook High School’s NCVPS Registration Form