A presentation on business Outlook

Education is not the filling

but the lighting of a fire
of a bucket

“Life is either a daring adventure.” Helen Keller . or nothing.

http://money. Be calm. Tell it to RBS.com/magazines/fortune/fortune500/2008/full_list/ .cnn.They say “Take a deep breath. Tell it to India. Tell it to Starbuck Experience. Tell it to Wal*Mart. Tell it to DIB. Tell it to Standard Chartered Bank. Tell it to Google.” I say Tell it to China.

They say We can‟t handle this much change I say Your job and career are in jeopardy. what other options do you have? .

They say Brand you is not for everyone I say the alternative is unemployment .

UAL Corp. BASF announced an intention to layoff employees. said it would cut 1. 2009 ismellnatgasprices Posted in Uncategorized | nefit claims rose to a seasonally adjusted 589.000 in the week ending Jan.175 jobs this year. and 490 contractors. General Electric Co.000 jobs.500 positions.100 jobs. Huntsman Corp. Eaton Corp. Hertz is cutting more than 4. said it is cutting 5. Circuit City will liquidate. announced job cuts. Time Warner Inc. Hawker Beechcraft Corp.Today‟s List of Companies Announcing Layoffs January 22nd. said it will cut up to 5. on top of 1.500 it cut late last year. 17.000 manufacturing jobs. plans to cut 1. DuPont announced an intention to layoff employees. GE Capital revealed an undetermined number of layoffs were coming. Clear Channel Communications Inc. a 26-year hig Advanced Micro Devices Inc. announced more cuts. and layoff 30. Dow Chemical announced an intention to layoff employees. ConocoPhillips will cut jobs. will slash 1.400 sales representatives. Pfizer will cut as many as 2.000. AMD said today that 900 workers will have their positions cut. Southwest Airlines Co.000 workers. Intel Corp.000 jobs over the next 18 months. . said it plans to cut up to 6.200 jobs. said it would cut more workers after laying off 500 last year. Microsoft Corp. will cut flights this year for the first time since 1988. WellPoint said it would eliminate about 1. says it has informed employees of layoffs.

Southwest Airlines Co.100 jobs. Huntsman Corp. and layoff 30. BASF announced an intention to layoff employees. Time Warner Inc. . Eaton Corp. and 490 contractors. announced more cuts.000 jobs. Dow Chemical announced an intention to layoff employees. said it will cut up to 5. 17. Hertz is cutting more than 4. announced job cuts. Clear Channel Communications Inc. will slash 1. AMD said today that 900 workers will have their positions cut. Microsoft Corp.175 jobs this year. WellPoint said it would eliminate about 1.200 jobs.000 jobs over the next 18 months. UAL Corp.000 in the week ending Jan. will cut flights this year for the first time since 1988. Hawker Beechcraft Corp.000 manufacturing jobs. on top of 1. a 2 Advanced Micro Devices Inc.000 workers. says it has informed employees of layoffs. Intel Corp.400 sales representatives. plans to cut 1. said it plans to cut up to 6. DuPont announced an intention to layoff employees. Pfizer will cut as many as 2. General Electric Co. said it would cut more workers after laying off 500 last year. said it is cutting 5. GE Capital revealed an undetermined number of layoffs were coming.500 positions. ConocoPhillips will cut jobs. said it would cut 1.000.Today‟s List of Companies Announcing Layoffs obless benefit claims rose to a seasonally adjusted 589.500 it cut late last year. Circuit City will liquidate.

” —Jerry Garcia . You want to be considered the only ones who do what you do.“You do not merely want to be the best of the best.

” —Michael Goldhaber. no matter how hard you apply yourself you won‟t get noticed.“If there is nothing very special about your work. and that increasingly means you won‟t get paid much either. Wired .

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives.” —Charles Darwin . but the one most responsive to change. nor the most intelligent.

They say Brand Pakistan is not for us I say What about India marketing itself as a Global Brand .

They say Beware of Indian/Chinese Hype I say Seen the Chinese growth rate lately. IBM of India. lately? . visited Infosys in Bangalore.

They say “what's wrong with a good Product?” I say Why can‟t you provide instead a Fabulous (Jaw Dropping) Experience? .

They say “We sell good Product & Service” I say Forget about “product & service” instead sell “experience & solution” .

Author Re-Imagine.“Experience is the last 90%. Circle of Innovation The Brand You .” Tom Peters Management Consultant.

DELL + Starbuck + Harley Davidson = Magic .

They say the web is a “useful tool” I say the web changes everything. NOW. RFID .

They say “We need an Initiative” I say We need a Dream and Dreamers” .

They say “Good Business Design is nice” I say “Great Business Design is Necessary” .

GM” .They say “What‟s wrong with following traditions?” I say “Consider Kodak. SEARS.

They say MEN I say Women .

Women .” I say Can‟t Ignore the Women growing Force.They say “Focus on Men Needs & Wants.

” I say the Babies to teenager market amounts to a Redefining Moment.com .They say the grown up market is “very important. (think Ding Dong Bubble) Ufone.

They say Habib Bank is the biggest Bank I say Less than 2% wants to be a part of Habib Bank* as a customer *Research Study conducted at SZABIST .

They say Define customer requirements I say Give them what they are looking for. Excellence .

provocative customers who will drag me down Innovation Boulevard at 100 mph.” Customer .They say They say we need “happy customers.” I say “Give me pushy. nasty. needy.

.They say “Wow” is too much I say “WOW” is a Minimum Survival Requirement.

Values To Win New Business Southwest Airlines: The secret ingredient that makes them so distinctive is an ability to build and sustain high performance relationships: competitors can‟t copy their strategy because it involves how people relate to one another…flowing from their unique set of values Jody Hoffer Gittell. The Southwest Airlines WAY .

” They say I say “Different!” .“Better.

They say I say “DO IT.” .” I say “We need Quirky Talent.” “Plan it.” They say “We need Good People.

” I say “battered and bruised leader.” Human .They say “fast follower.

we need „Change.They say “Sure.‟” I say Too late for change. we need “REVOLUTION NOW” .

They say “Imitate!” I say “Create & Innovate!” .

“„Me Too‟ = „Me Dead‟” .

” .” I say “Market CREATION.They say “Market share.

Re-name “HR.” to Talent Department .

E.D.” to “H.R.” ??? Human Enablement Department .“H.

” I say “Reimagine!” .They say “Improve.

” .” I say “DESTROY & RE-IMAGINE.They say “Improve & Maintain.

footprint to provide effective financial solutions for its customers by providing a gateway to diverse markets.’”
—Charles Handy

“One bank is currently claiming to … „leverage its global

“I assume that it is just saying that it is there to „help its customers wherever they are‟.”
—Charles Handy

“The deepest human need is the need to be appreciated.”
William James

Customer Satisfaction versus Customer Success .

But we really need to think about the customer’s profitability.“Customer Satisfaction” to “Customer Success” “We’re getting better at [Six Sigma] every day. GE Power Systems . Are customers‟ bottom lines really benefiting from what we provide them?” —Bob Nardelli.

on chaos theory.” —James Yorke.“The most successful people are those who are good at plan B. mathematician. in The New Scientist .

” . loyal employees.They say “We need more steady.” I say “WE NEED MORE FREAKS WHO ROUTINELY TELL THOSE „IN CHARGE‟ TO TAKE A FLYING LEAP . BEFORE IT‟S TOO LATE...

“Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.” —William Feather. author .

The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it. but that it is too low and we reach it. Michelangelo .

They say We need “supply chain harmony” I say We need “Supply Chain Innovation” .

... „is.They say “We like words such as „calm‟ ..‟” . „certainty‟ .

I say “I like words/phrases such as „turbulent‟ . „might be....‟” .. „opportunity‟ .

” I say “DO WHATEVER REQUIRED. But SAVE MY JOB.” . brother.They say “Peace.

.They say Zero Defects I say A day without a screw-up or two is a day wasted.

” I say “Is the CMO [Chief Marketing Officer] on the Board of Directors?” .They say “Of course we believe in marketing.

They say “Of course we believe in marketing.” I say “How many in-depth customer/branch visits did the CEO make last month?” .

They say Radical Change takes a Decade I say Radical transformation takes a Minute .

They say Your language is extreme I say The times are extreme .

or even a new method of data collection I say CRM is a simple philosophy that places the customer at the heart of a business organization‟s processes.They say CRM is a fancy sales strategy. Customer . an expensive software product.

with steely determination. I can turn the world upside down. with a certain sparkle in their eyes.They say We like people who. say. I can make it better I say I love people who. Watch me! . say.

. and it retains nothing it takes in. so study without a liking for it spoils the memory.Just as eating against one’s will is injurious to health.

“A year from now you may wish you had started today” .


Perception of Habib Bank Limited Old Bank with old Employees  Slow to change with the industry  Very low ratio of female employees  No new product development in the last many years  SLOW processing  Prudent Bankers  ok .

2007      Standard Chartered Bank purchased Union Bank Rupali Bank merged with Arif Habib Atlas Investment Bank merged with Atlas Bank Habib A.Mergers & Acquisitions in FY 2006 . G Zurich merged with Metropolitan Bank First Allied Modarbah merged with Allied Bank .

Mergers & Acquisitions in FY 2006 . Biggest deal of 91Billion Dollars.2007  Acquisition of PICIC by NIB Bank  Crescent Commercial Bank is purchased by Samba Financial Group of Saudi Arabia  UK‟s Barclay Bank purchased ABN AMRO bank. Slide 3 .

Rs. 2007 Dec 31. 2008 Dec 31. 6 Billion Dec 31. 3. 3 Billion Dec 31. # Minimum Paid up Capital Deadline 1. 4. Rs.Minimum Capital Requirement For Banks Sr. 2006 2. 5 Billion Rs. 4 Billion Rs. 2009 .

” —Chinese Proverb .“A man without a smiling face must not open a shop.

f.“Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go. author* (*c.” —William Feather.”) . Woody Allen: “90% of success is showing up.

your ideas and focusing on the essentials. It‟s about being true to yourself.” —Richard Branson .“To me business isn‟t about wearing suits or pleasing stockholders.


but to skid across the line broadside."Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in one pretty and well preserved piece. leaking oil. thoroughly used up. professional motorcycle racer (Cycle magazine) . worn out. shouting … ‘GERONIMO!’ ” —Bill McKenna.

Muhammad Yunus: Banker to the Poor/ Father of “microlending”/ 2006 nobel peace prize winner .

It‟s banks that aren‟t people worthy.” Muhammad Yunus .“It‟s not people who aren‟t creditworthy.

… If any staff member is seen in the office. the bank should go to the people. It‟s a terrifying place for the poor and illiterate. … It is essential that [those setting up a new village Branch] have no office and no place to stay. it should be taken as a violation of the rules of the Grameen Bank.MBWA. Grameen Style! “Conventional banks ask their clients to come to their office. … The entire Grameen Bank system runs on the principle that people should not come to the bank. Banker to the Poor .” Source: Muhammad Yunus. The reason is to make us as different as possible from government officials.

Muhammad Yunus. “Banker to the poor”. Grameen Bank.94% of loans to … women Microlending. 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner ok .

care more than others think is wise... dream more than others think is practical. .Sriram.. .. risk more than others think is safe. 2006 1:17 AM) ...” Source: Anon. . November 27.. (Posted @ tompeters. expect more than others think is possible.“Excellence can be obtained if you: .com by K..

Our number one goal is to provide “Outstanding customer service”.Employee Handbook Welcome to Nordstrom We are glad to have you with our company. Set both your personal and professional goals high. So our employee handbook is very simple. We have confidence in your ability to achieve them. We have only one rule… .

Nordstrom Employee handbook Our only rule: Use good judgment in all situation ok .

“Forget China. India and the Internet: Economic Growth Is Driven by Economist. Leader. . 2006.” —Headline. April 15. page 14 Women.

“Since 1970.” —FT.2006 . 10. women have held one out of every three new jobs created.03.

Women’s work force participation rates have soared worldwide.10 UNASSAILABLE REASONS WOMEN RULE Women make [almost all] the financial decisions. . Women control major portion of the wealth. Women start most of the new businesses. Women [substantially] outlive men.

Women buy [almost] everything— commercial as well as consumer goods.Women are closing in on “same pay for same job.” Women are penetrating senior ranks rapidly Women‟s leadership strengths are exceptionally well aligned with new organizational effectiveness & value-added imperatives. . Women are better salespersons than men.

Weekly Telegraph. 10. UK.25.06 .Not Just America … “Boys Falling Seven Years Behind Girls at GCSE Level” —headline.

” —Barbara and Allan Pease (from Selling to Men.0003.000 gestures and body signals.000-3.000 vocal sounds and makes 2.000-10.000 body language signals. use an additional 2.00 words. In other words. women communicate three times more than men.000 to 8. Selling to Women.“A woman can effortlessly speak 6.000 words a day. A man utters 2.000 vocal sounds and 8. 1.000-4. Jeffery Tobias Halter) Women .000-2.

are willing to Dent the Universe. .They say we need quite humble leaders I say Give me the Bold. the egocentric Dreamers who like Steve Jobs.

do thing

“We have a „strategic plan.‟ It‟s called doing things.”
— Herb Kelleher

by John Masters. Canadian O & G wildcatter . Source: The Hunters.You can only find oil if you drill wells.

” —Wayne Gretzky .“You miss 100% of the shots you never take.

On NELSON: “[other] admirals more frightened of losing than anxious to win” ok .

C *Chief WOW Officer O* .

Distinct … … or Extinct .

” —William Feather.“Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go. author .

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